Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend - Couples Shower, Decorating Class and Football Game

Sorry for lack of blogging yesterday.  I was traveling for work.  This time I was only a drive away which was nice, in Asheville.  We ate at the best little restaurant called Corner Kitchen in the Biltmore area of town. 

Anyway, we had a pretty low key weekend.  I traveled at the end of last week so we ended up laying low Friday night.  Saturday we looked at a couple houses and then went to the couples shower for Misty and Steven.

It was about 25 minutes from downtown so we were definitely out of our bubble haha.  They even had a bonfire and we roasted smores.  Dinner was different kinds of chili.

On Sunday I got up early and headed to Target for a couple things then went to a Pottery Barn decorating class.  Has anyone ever been to one?  They are complimentary and this session was on How to Decorate for Autumn.  There were only about 8 of us in the class and they demonstrated ideas for a table setting, buffet type table and coffee table. 

Afterwards they gave us a 10% off coupon and we had the store to ourselves to shop.  I described to her my coffee table and den area and she helped me create something new to put there.  Did you know their design services are free so you can take pictures in and they'll help you decorate?  Anything from a completely new home untouched to just needing a couple new pieces.

My friend Meghan came into town from Atlanta so we all got together for the Panthers game.  We started at my place with a dip and a couple beverages then headed to Cans Recycled.  This is us on the rooftop bar.  Sweet Kevin was a trooper and hung out with us wild ladies!

Meghan is a fun gal....can you tell?!  Love her.

Then we headed to Corner Pub and hung out with some of Kevin's buddies from the bank.

Tara, me and Meghan inside of Corner Pub.
At this point we should have gone home but proceeded to go to Stoolies for some dinner/survival food ha! 

Yesterday morning came early but we had a good time!  Hey, you only live once, right?!


  1. I haven't been tailgating on a Sunday in years.
    Brad is weird about Sundays and doesn't like doing too much and especially drinking stays out! LOL!

  2. I am loving your shorts. Great color.

  3. What a fun weekend! I'm so jealous of your Pottery Barn decorating class. I'm going to have to look into one of those! xoxo

  4. Thanks for the heads up about the Pottery Barn design service! That sounds super helpful (and the classes sound great too!).

    Glad that you had a great weekend :)

  5. love the pictures of you goofing around! I had never heard of a pb decorating class before...sounds like a great idea!

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! I have never heard of the PB classes or design services, but will definitely have to check that out!

  7. Ahh, y'all look like you have so much fun together!