Monday, September 12, 2011

Cabo Day 4 - Lover's Beach

This is the last day of my millions of Cabo pictures.  These are honestly worth seeing even though most are of a beach and rocks with Kevin and I thrown in.  I promise I wouldn't put them on here if they weren't amazing pictures....well not amazingly 'taken' pictures....the views are amazing.

We decided to jump on a water taxi right outside our hotel and we got a lil tour of Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach.  This is the famous part of Cabo that you see on postcards!  It's also where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet.  Talk about some crazy water and waves!  You aren't allowed to swim on the Pacific side at all.  The Sea of Cortez is "calm" but let me tell yall, it isn't like the Atlantic!

He threw tortillas out and the most coolest fish came up!

Lover's Beach!  We decided to do this sorta excursion because our friends Jim and Kim had just been there and Kim raved about it.  We think it was definitely worth it!

They call this the Baja Penninsula upside down.  Kinda looks like it, right?!

I told yall the waves were insane.  I could hardly take normal pictures because of rolling up and down in the boat!

The arch!

This is from the Pacific Ocean side.  Wouldn't want to get up in there would ya?!

Then one of the other girls and I thought it would be a genius idea to go swim up onto Lover's Beach.  We walked over to the Pacific side and took more pictures.  Kevin and the other sweet lady stayed on the boat and observed. 
Yes that's us on the right side of the picture.  I told you it was hard to take pics here!
 A cruise boat also came in on was humongo!

Anyway then we went back to the resort and I did the water aerobics class they put on.  The instructor was Donny and he had SOOO much energy.  It was crazy!  We had a good time but I wouldn't call it a real workout!
I'm looking over.
Then we met some more sweet friends Rose and Anna.  They are from outside of San Fran.  One of them has five children the other has four.  Talk about a much needed vacation!  They were there for a week!  Kevin and I don't plan on having 4 children but I can only hope he'd be up for letting me leave with a girlfriend for that long haha! 

The last night we went to Fellini's for dinner which is the nice italian restaurant that has air conditioning.  It was decent but I prefer italian right here in Charlotte! :) 
Anyway we had a really good trip and it was nice to get away.  As I mentioned last week, we had trouble getting back to Charlotte but we made it and I think sleep wise we have recovered.  I wouldn't say we've recovered from the weird food but that's a different story for a different day.  ;) 

Now I won't bug yall about pictures from Cabo anymore! 

So did yall have a good weekend?!


  1. totally gorgeous! Seriously... and of you course you guys made new friends! Kevin always does!

  2. sounds like lots of fun... I want to hear this "weird food" story though!

  3. So pretty!

    That is crazy how it was so wavy there!

  4. Ahhh! That long Lilly dress looks soooooooooo good on you! I love all of those pictures, and you can see why you can't swim on the Pacific side. ;)

  5. Great pictures!

    Looks like so much fun.



  6. Just caught up on your vaca pics... so jealous! You packed a great wardrobe. Vaca margaritas are the besttttt.

  7. wow absolutely stunning pictures. The water is so clear!


  8. So pretty! The views are beautiful and I love your dress on the last night, too. Makes me want to get away ASAP!

  9. gorgeous pictures of a fabulous trip!!! so glad you two had such a wonderful time!! and i LOVE that last pic of y'all --- beautiful!! xoxo