Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Decorations in my condo

Last night I waited until it got dark outside and took pictures of my fall decorations in my condo!  When you live in a condo with 10' floor to ceiling windows, it never get really dark but this will do.  I wanted these pictures to be 'extra spooky' so the lighting isn't great but it's all part of the vibe haha!

This is the big cabinet set up that gives me a ton of extra space!  We had these built in a couple months after I moved here.  Since you can't see really well, I took up close pictures of each side.

This is the left side where you'll find a few silver antique-ish candle holders.  My Aunt and Uncle gave me the left two (and one on the right side of my cabinets) and I loved them so much I bought a couple more at Pottery Barn during my class.  I also have some fake leaves you can't see real well but I got them at Michael's and surprisingly they look pretty real.  I got 2 packages each for under $2.  At Pottery Barn each package was over $10.  You'll also see my spider with the orange taper.  Mama gave me that spider I believe a long time ago.

This is the right side and you'll see a pumpkin candle on the shelf and then some more of the tealights.  Kevin also contributed the orange candle on the bottom left.  You'll also see 'young Kevin' in the back right side of my pictures.  His Mama gave that to me the night of our engagement dinner.  I just had to frame it.  It's the picture people oogle over every time they come to my place now! ;) 

This is on the left side of my bar.  Mr. Scarecrow, the wine holder (that my Dad MADE - yes he's super talented!), a sunflower candle, and a pumpkin glass container all from Mama over the past 11 years.  They also gave me the Mariposa napkin holder for Christmas one year and my friend Kelly recently gave me the G for when we got engaged! :)  It's only sorta illegal to use it before we're married but I think it's fun!  A crab used to be there in place of the G.  The orange napkins say, "Eat, Drink and Be Scary."  I put some seashells in the glass pumpkin because my sweet neice Anna Kate and I picked these up on our last beach trip together so they're special.

I promise I'm trying not to be long winded but I want to remember all this stuff yall!  This is a lil pumpkin bowl that I'm using for my fruits instead of my usual bowl.

This is my kitchen table/dining room table/foyer area haha!  When you have 750 SF, there isn't much space.  :)  I have a Duckhorn bottle of wine in a pewter wine holder, a PB small pumpkin and my Autumn colored candlesticks.  Those candle holders are really special but that's another post for another time.  The tablerunner is reversible but I thought the orange was perfect for October.

I have every possible tea towel for every holiday known to man.  Emily and I thank you sweet Mama!!!

This is my new concoction from Pottery Barn class.  These glass pillars are super fun and you can use them for any season or anywhere in your home.  In the left one, I got some pumpkins at Michael's for a couple bucks and took the $19.50 ones from PB back.  ;)  I did buy the acorns from PB because they were really nice and I couldn't find them elsewhere.  I also stacked some leaves in the right one with the acorns.  I did buy the candles from them because PB candles burn straight down and don't leave any residue on the sides.  I already had the pineapple candle sticks and crab bowl.

Another pumpkin treasure on my side table.

And another lil pumpkin on my new end table.

I bought these black taper candles for $0.59 at Michaels.  Go run now and get them.  They had black and orange.  I had the leaf candle from awhile ago.  And yes that's Anna Kate in a tutu on the back of my brother's pick up truck.  ;)

This lil witch was a gift from Kim and it says, "good friends are like witches, wickedly fun and highly spirited!"  I have it hung on my laundry closet door!

That's all I have!  I hope you all enjoyed the lil Fall decoration tour of my condo! 

Yall should do posts to show yours too!


  1. I showed a little of mine.. but I don't have tons and tons.. Cute! Love the pumpkin bowl!

  2. I love your fall decorations! I unfortunately didn't think to bring a lot of mine up to school with me...but I have A LOT of christmas ones when that time comes around ;)

  3. cute! I need to do my decoratign- I usually wait until the first weekend of october, which is this weekend, eeek!

    last weekend I was at joann fabrics, and I bought some burlap. I found a tutorial for making a burlap wreath, and I LOVE the way it looks! I've been obsessed with wreaths lately, for some reason!

  4. I love this post! Thanks for the decorating tips!

  5. I loveee love your decorations!! How cute are you? I need to decorate my house!

  6. You did such a great job with all of your Halloween decorations! I adore them all! I hope to buy more autumnal decorations this weekend. :)

  7. It looks so homey honey! Too cute! Have a great night! Hope you can link up with me tomorrow for Fashion Friday...

    and...don't forget to enter my 2 year blogoversary giveaway!

    Kori xoxo

  8. This is so cute! I just got some pumpkin scented candles but I want to get some mums today to put on my fireplace. Yay fall!

  9. yay!! everything looks so great!! love fall decor -- can't wait to get starting on my decorating this week. xoxox

  10. What cute decorations and I love your wreath in the above post. I have barely decorated and I have no idea why!


  11. Hmmm, the candles do make for a spooky ambiance, especially when paired with the trinkets and pictures you have on your table. But all in all, the orange-black motif makes the fall-inspired room look exotic. Just be careful to put out the candles when you're done with them! =)

    Isreal Ayele