Monday, May 6, 2019

Derby and Cinco de Mayo

Friday night we went to the club for dinner with our neighbors.  It's just super easy and laid back.  We sat outside and the girls ran wild.  And this boy chilled out per usual. 

We came home to double rainbows and this rainbow loving girl loved it!

Saturday morning I took Molly Anne to Home Depot for their free Kids Workshop - more info here.  It's the first Saturday of every month and she loved it.  My Dad had taken her about a year ago in Maryland but this time she could do a lot of the hammering herself.  It taught her lots of skills that were great!

This month it was a Mother's Day craft which turned out adorable and she's so proud of it!

We played the rest of the day at home in between naps.  I scooted out just before bedtimes to our neighborhood Derby party and Kevin put the kids to bed.  I was home by 9:30 then went next door and hung with Hilary and Drew on their back porch.  We get a lot of life solved on our back porches in case you didn't know haha!

The derby party was so much fun!  Margot's husband made amazing mint juleps and we did some betting too!  I won $40 before Maximum Security got disqualified so I had to give my winnings to the Country House winners!  

Yesterday we hung around the house all day and played.  I was up all night Saturday night with Mills because of the bad thunderstorms so I tried to get a couple of short naps in (aka I heard Mama 1,800 times all day).  We all finally got out of pajamas about 4pm to head to our club for a Cinco de Mayo dinner!  It was fun! 

Of course Grady woke up with a fever this morning, thank you daycare, so today we are homebound on one of my busiest weeks ever.  But I'll make it happen and we'll figure it out.  Never a good time to be sick.  I'm hoping it's his top big tooth popping through and not what the other kids at Ms. Becky's have. Time will tell.  He honestly seems fine other than being a tiny bit warm this morning so fingers crossed.   

Happy Monday everyone.  

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