Thursday, May 23, 2019


1.  Everyone is posting first and last day pictures of their children in preschool. Not really sure how we fit into that but I guess I’ll take an end of year photo in August the week before she starts in the 4’s class haha!  Her school is absolutely unreal and the experiences she has gotten are amazing.  Starting in a couple of weeks they have water days so every Wednesday they’ll have a ton of water toys and slides etc to play in.  And parents will bring popsicles on those days. So fun!

2.  I’m gonna be honest, I’m struggling at work these days.  I know that every job on earth is hard whether you stay at home, work or do half and half.  That’s not really what I’m talking about.  I’m in a weird spot of my career where I love what I do, love who I work with but I’m not sure it’s for me every day and as much as I’m working right now.  It ebbs and flows and I’m hoping it gets better soon but I’m on the struggle bus right now, not gonna lie.  Kevin is more than supportive in whatever I decide but I’m just drowning.  I want to be ALL of the things. I want to do everything for my kids and enjoy all of their activities. I think I mostly have a good balance but some days I’m like what gives?!  Any other working mamas hear me?  Sometimes working in a guys world is not ideal because they do not get it.  At all. Well one guy does but the rest don’t! 

3.  Yesterday Molly Anne, Grady and I got caught in traffic and we were stopped for about 40 minutes for Pence’s motorcade to come through. I decided not to turn around and instead use it as a cool learning experience.  Molly Anne loved learning all about it and seeing it roll by. Grady loved seeing a helicopter for the first time!  

4.  Molly Anne had her third dentist appointment on Tuesday morning. It’s always an adventure taking her there.  They are so good with her and Molly Anne asks lots of questions.  She likes to know what’s going to go down before it happens. Wonder where she gets that from haha?!  The dentist and hygentist were talking to her and she looked up at them and said, “I love you guys” out of nowhere.  A hoot!  And she got x rays taken. They said oh we usually don’t know if we will be able to get them with 3 and 4 year olds and I knew Molly Anne would be just fine and she was. She gets her picture taken 80 times a day so this was another picture for her with lots of gear to ask about!!  We drove by yesterday and she said, “that’s where I go to the dentist and I’m going back in 6 months!”  She does not miss a beat.  

5.  Grady had a really great PT appointment yesterday. He’s really progressing and that makes my little heart happy.  He’s almost pulling up now which is good, eeek!!  Also, when Molly Anne was crawling we lived in our old house and the stairs were behind a door and she was a rule follower.  This house should be interesting. I’m not a big baby proofing person but depending on how Grady is, I may become one. Never say never. #moming101 

6.  I ordered three pairs of these shorts and three of these shirts for 40% off with code SHOP40.  They are the best and I needed a refresh for this summer. I was tired of the same three colors I have had for a few years.  Sometimes ya just gotta get some basics.  

7.  Who is watching the bachelorette this season?  I think Hannah is cool and very real!  Looking forward to seeing how it all works out for her. Although I do read spoilers which I think makes watching the show even more fun!

8.  Anyone have any fun plans this weekend?  Usually we go to Pawleys for a long weekend but we aren’t this year.  I really think we just need to be home. We have a few parties we’ve been invited to and hopefully we have lots of pool time too!  


  1. Well I'm IN pawleys, and my sister and her family are coming for a long weekend! I absolutely cannot WAIT!

  2. Mom life is so hard. I feel like there is NEVER a balance, like you said, whether you're a stay-at-home mom, working mom, 1/2-and-1/2, etc. It's just always so hard and something always gives! I hope you find a balance you're comfortable with; you're a great mom!