Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone enjoyed a nice long weekend while remembering those that gave all for our freedom!   
Friday we went to our club for dinner and after we put the kids to bed, our neighbors came over to hang out on the back porch.  We hadn't had a back porch night in awhile so it was long overdue ha!

(their outfits are from Shutterbugs!)

Grady officially started crawling yesterday, May 27th!  We haven't caught it on camera yet but he did it in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  Watch out!

Saturday morning we laid low and after Grady's nap I took him to get his first pair of running shoes because Grady's physical therapist says he needs them.  The lady at Tootsie Too couldn't have been kinder and nicely told me he doesn't need shoes yet.  They didn't have his size new balance that the PT lady wanted him to get but I ended up ordering them anyway.  I'll go back to Tootsie Too to buy a pair of shoes sooner rather than later but this time it didn't work out.  

After that we went to Barnes and Noble because my old neighbor's cousin was in town and signing books!  We had bought one when they went on Amazon's site and have loved reading it!  Linda couldn't have been sweeter to Molly Anne!  It was a good learning lesson for Molly Anne about what an author is and all of the details behind her signing the book!  And we of course picked up a couple Fancy Nancy books while we were there!

We had the cheeseburger salad for dinner Saturday night.  Delish.  And yes, paper plates are my jam right now in this fun season of craziness!

Sunday morning we laid low and rested up for a big afternoon and evening at the pool!  We went to the neighborhood pool around lunchtime and Kevin and Molly Anne stayed through her nap.  I took Grady home for his nap then we all headed next door to their pool.  Grady's little blow up boat is from Wal-Mart and is perfect for him this summer!  Next year he'll be in puddle jumpers!

Molly Anne has done so well at swim lessons that she doesn't need her puddle jumpers where it's 3' of water or less.  She has become such a little fish already this year.  And we are still doing lessons all summer, in fact in a couple of weeks, she is doing a two week bootcamp.  She goes to MSA.  Prepping for swim team next year!  She's going to love it!

Safety break = snack time at our neighborhood pool!  

I have zero pictures from the rest of the day but we hung out next door alllllll day and grilled out etc.  It was a good time!  I had to peel Molly Anne out of the pool to get her to go home for bed!

Sunday we hung around the house until we went to the pool about 3pm after naps.  Brad, Shauna and Sarah came with us!  

We headed back to the house for a little cookout.  We had grabbed some meat from Butcher's Market and grilled that and had a bunch of sides.  It was a quick little get together and everyone went home for showers and early bedtimes!

These two G's are something else with allll of the heart eyes!  Constantly holding hands and being adorable together.

Short week this week!

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  1. What a fun weekend! It looks like you all are loving the beginning of summer, and I adore those sweet, patriotic outfits!