Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Grady’s Birthday and Party

Grady turned one last Thursday and we had a little party for him that afternoon!  I'm probably not the nicest friend and didn't invite many people but honestly I just wanted the people who have been most impactful in his first year of life and something intimate for my low key boy!  A couple of families we invited couldn't come but we had a really nice group of his most special people!  

"Grady is reeling in the big ONE" was the theme and this is the Etsy shop where I found the invitation!  She also made both banners for me!  She was extra kind to print the invitations and banners and mail them to save me from having to print everything and cut it all out.  I needed EASY.  

The cakes turned out super cute but not what I was imagining.  The cake tasted delicious though.  Next time I will remember to give guidance.  Maybe I'm just boring but I like very simple and classic...kind of like the invitation!  Still adorable and I love the topper and have it in his baby book!  These were made by a local cake lady and if any of you in south Charlotte need a cake lady, let me know because these are the best tasting cakes ever!

Grady's smash cake!

All of the beverages.  This is the large beverage container from Front Gate and I got so many compliments so here is the link.  

I literally had zero time to put this party together so one day when I had 20 minutes, I headed to Publix and ordered all of the food and balloons.  It was so easy.  I also had little cups filled with Swedish Fish on the bottom and goldfish on top!  Thank goodness for my Dad because he picked it all up right before the party when I was picking up Molly Anne and getting everything else ready!

These cookies are made by a local lady just down the street from me and they are DELICIOUS.  If you need her information, email me.

I had also ordered some stuffed fish from Amazon as a party favor for the children.  

I printed a fish coloring page from a quick google search and ordered little fish crafts for the girls to do from Oriental Trading. 

Grady's ladies!  

He didn't mind everyone singing to him! 

Took my laid back boy a few minutes to dig in but he finally did!

Maybe after a little help from sister...

and his girls!

Nana and Papa G!

Poppa!  He said Poppa for the first time that morning on his birthday!

Nannie and Poppa

Ms. Becky!



And that was the party!  

Bedtime stories in their fort!

This boy was TIRED.

My parents gave him this John Deere and he loves riding in it!  We gave him a name stool!

Can't believe our Grady boy is 1!


  1. OMG! I love the theme! The invitation is precious! I wish they had those kinds of things when my kids were little ones!

  2. How is he already one!? Happy Birthday, buddy!