Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mother's Day Celebrations

Molly Anne's class had a Muffins for Mom at drop off on Friday morning!  My Mom was here so she got to come too and that was very special!  Molly Anne had made 4 crafts and I LOVED every one of them!

You can't tell really well in the above picture but this is the dress I'm wearing.  It's not nearly as short as this picture from the website shows but I LOVE it.  I had it in black but then just got it in this blue.  It washes well and you can dry it...mine didn't shrink.  The best part is you can wear it all summer because it's cool and you can dress it up and down! 

I love so much of what @cassiesugarplum posts on her blog/Instagram and she couldn't be sweeter!  This dress is from her Hi Sugarplum collection with Gibson and comes in a bunch of different colors!

Aren't the flowers they made so adorable?!  They had muffins and fruit out for the Mom's.  Molly Anne's teachers are soooo sweet and wonderful with the children.  I hope Grady has them when he's 3!

I'm not 37 but close!  And my favorite is weighing 37 pounds and favorite food being broccoli! ;)

Her teachers really are the best and incredibly thoughtful!!!

And Ms. Becky of course went above and beyond too!  Look at these precious feet from Grady!

I mean can you even?!

After Muffins for Mom, Mom and I went to a couple of shops (Fancy Pants for the children and Lilly for me!) and then Kevin and I scooted out of town to Savannah for the weekend!  I'll recap Savannah soon but first, we zipped back early Sunday morning for brunch at our club!

Thankful I learned how to be a Mama from the very best!  

Mom and I ran out while Grady napped to do a quick errand and when we came back, she picked these hydrangeas out of our yard.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Mom was in garden club awhile back and can make the best arrangements.  We are enjoying these all week!  

A wonderful Mother's Day!

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