Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekend - Little PM, Dinner and Play

Friday afternoon I took our little project manager over to the lot and let her walk all over the place!  Couldn't resist a couple pictures of her on what will soon be our front steps!

We got home and played outside as usual.

Then we went to dinner with Kevin's parents and niece at Chuys!  Sweet little cousins...

Saturday morning Kevin and I took her to bounce at Sky Zone then to the playground of our new hood.

Nap time for Molly Anne and Kevin's brother came over to wash our windows.  I helped him on the inside after I did roundup on the yard.  It feels soooo good to have our windows cleaned up.  We also took all of the screens off and we're going to leave them off.  Freshen things up!

Mills has really been attached to Kevin lately which is funny because he is soooo much more my dog than he is Kevin's.  

That evening after  Molly Anne's 3.5 hour nap (!!!) we headed to a new pizza place to us called Inizio in Providence Promenade.  Oh my if yall haven't been there you must go there immediately!

Then of course we went to Lowes to walk around and Molly Anne loved it.  I guess we don't really take her to those kind of places all of the time but she loved walked around and checking things out by herself!  She found this boat in kids section that she wants Poppa to build with her!

Sunday morning, it snowed!  Tomorrow I'll post about our little snow day!


  1. This snow is so bizarre! We are supposed to get it tonight. I have heard anywhere from 3 inches to a foot. Who knows...
    Love the way MA is looking up at her big cousin.

  2. Molly Anne is so cute.

  3. Every time I see Motly Anne In those VV pullovers, I want one for myself and one for Leo!