Thursday, March 2, 2017

House Update - Tile

So far, I've been to two places looking at tile.  Here are options from both places!

Crossville Tile -

Downstairs bathroom:  The hexagon for the shower floor, the darker tile for the floors and the lighter tile for the shower walls.  We like the darker tile for this room because it opens to the outside and people using the pool will use this bathroom.

Jack and Jill bathroom - Molly Anne will use this bathroom and if we have another girl, they will share this one I think.  Honeycomb floors, white subway tile in the tub area and the green scallop/scales as a backsplash above her sink for about 6" in height.

Other full bath upstairs - if we have a boy one day, then he'll have his own bathroom (I was traumatized sharing a bathroom with my brother hahahah!) and I like these navy tiles for the floor and the linen looking tiles for the wall above the tub.  We are doing a soaking tub in this room and a regular height tub in the jack and jill bath.  

Master bath - we may do something like this lace (not in these colors!) 

We would use this marble below and the 1"x1" pieces would be the darker marble at hte bottom of the picture...they would create the lace.  I'm not completely sold on this idea yet. 

This is where the lace inspiration came from...isn't it gorgeous?!


Second place I went was Best Tile - 

Butler's Pantry: maybe doing a mother of pearl or a shell look?  It's really going to depend on what countertops we choose.

Downstairs bathroom - again this is the one that people outside will come into.  Dark floor, honeycomb shower floor and lighter tile floor.

Boys bathroom - navy tile and lighter wall above the tub.  

Molly Anne's jack and jill bath - honeycomb floor, then in the shower maybe do squares on the bottom and top half of the wall would be regular subway.

These two options for kitchen back-splash.  The top is a light light gray that looks like a natural stone if you look at it up close.  The second is marble.  Depends on counter tops we choose.  

Laundry room floor.

These are some marble options for our master bathroom.  They are gorgeous in person.  Definitely want to do the herringbone floor in the shower like we have in our current shower.  You may remember we recently redid our master bath in our current home and the only thing I hate about the light color tile is how much dust shows.  This marble is a bit darker than the porcelain tile we currently have.  We'll see what we end up with.  

We will also have to choose which way the tile is laid in all of these areas and what pattern they will be!  Lots of decisions!  Glad I'm starting early on this stuff because I don't make expensive decisions quickly!


  1. Oh I love all of these! Honeycomb is my favorite. And I love that lattice you showed. Picking out everything sounds so fun!

  2. I love the lattice tile for your master and love the ones you've picked. I'm a huge honeycomb fan. The scales are a new favorite of mine - do you follow fificheek on Instagram? She did scales in the bottom of her shower and it looks so good. I love the green color you chose. Good luck with final decisions!

  3. I love your picks and the inspiration for the master bath is divine!

  4. Gorgeous - it will be hard to pick!

  5. Love all your picks as usual! Especially that lace design for your master!! Gorgeous!!

  6. I can't even imagine how overwhelming that is! :)