Thursday, March 30, 2017

House Update - Doors

This week we are trying to figure out doors.  Specifically three of them.  

1.  See the door that goes from the breakfast area to the covered porch? 

We think we want it to look like this.  Ours won't be double doors, we only have room for single because we may do some built ins in the breakfast area. 

2.  And then this door that goes from the bathroom to the covered porch that may be used for a pool if we do one.  We can either do a solid one or one like the above and put blinds on it.  

3.  This is our front door but I'm not sure what color stain we will have.  We are trying to decide between clear glass and beveled.  

Would love your thoughts please!!!

1 comment:

  1. We are door twins. I have that same door leading from my kitchen to my back patio and love it. With a toddler and a dog its hard to keep clean-but the amount of light is totally worth it. Also have those exact front doors and REALLY love them. I have beveled glass which is my preference. I like a bit of privacy when going to answer the front door, etc. Also-my doors look into the main area of my living room off my master bedroom and I am sure my neighbors would see me in my pjs more than I would care for if they were clear glass. It really depends on placement and how often you will be in front of them I guess. I prefer the concept of a half light in a bathroom-with blinds or a solid door. I am just trying to think when the blinds would be open on the glass door? From that perspective is it worth it?