Thursday, March 9, 2017

House Update - Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting!

Powder room options:
Option 1 - Capital Lighting - Ansley collection

Option 2 - Capital Lighting - Montclaire collection

The above lights are the ones I initially picked out but then I saw this picture on Instagram from Krystine Edwards and I really love this inspiration for the powder room.  So we'll see!

Full Bath, Bathroom lighting.  We don't know which one will go where yet but the most important part of our bathroom lighting is - I want it to work!  I don't care as much about pretty as much as I do about functional!  One of my friends built a gorgeous home with a gorgeous master bathroom and do you all know that she has to go in her son's bathroom to put makeup on because even though she has beautiful sconces in her bathroom, she can't see well with them?!!  His bathroom is the only one with "down lights" and the only bathroom you can see well in.  So down lights it is for are some options.  

1.  Capital - Three Light Vanity 121831PN-432
2.  Capital - Three Light Vanity 1083CH-132

3.  Capital - Baxter 8303CH-128

4.  Millenium -  623-CH

5.  Minka Lavery - Audreys Point - we'd have this face down

That's all we've got on bathroom lighting for now.  No clue what will go where but we will definitely use a different light for every bathroom!


  1. Love all the options! The first one for your master bath is my favorite!

  2. Love all of these. That second choice for the powder room is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see these rooms when you are all finished!

  3. Love Krystine's wallpaper & lighting! Great choice!

  4. Love all these choices! I think second choice for powder bath and first choice for master is my favorite! These details will be so fun (albeit slightly stressful) to pick out!

  5. OH my goodness, so many decisions! I love the inspiration picture! Your house is going to be gorgeous!