Friday, March 24, 2017


This week I was in Idaho for a few days.  I flew out there early Tuesday morning and landed in Boise around 1pm.  We jumped in the car with our client and drove the market for awhile.  Later that evening I got to go meet up with my cousin at their club to have dinner and catch up!  We went back to their house and chit chatted.  I didn't get back to my hotel room until almost 11:30pm.  We have such a small family that when we are anywhere close to each other, we make the most of it!  

Wednesday morning we got on the road and drove across southern Idaho and looked at markets for almost 11 hours!  So productive and we saw so much!

I loved getting pictures from Ms. Becky this week.  She is always so sweet to send them when I'm out of town.  I figured you all would prefer to see these versus pictures of Idaho from a window haha.

We ended up in Idaho Falls for Wednesday night and had a delicious dinner of Idaho trout and an Idaho baked potato and salad. The Jack Daniels tasted good too! ;)

Yesterday we had a wrap up meeting then flew home.  I stopped in SLC to meet with our brokers then I landed about 11pm last night and got home shortly before midnight.  It was a great trip and I really haven't laughed as hard as I did in a long time.  We had fun.  

On the flight home, I sat with a Panthers coach and we talked for the longest time.  He was sweet enough to let me take a picture of his Superbowl ring from last year.  

Billy Dee Williams was also sitting near by.  He's the star wars guy.  I didn't know who he was until my Panthers friend told me and when I texted Kevin to tell him, he was like please get a picture ha!  

I returned to a little baby who has croup again.  Thankfully Ms. Becky caught it early.  She had been fine all day, no symptoms and when she woke up from her nap yesterday, she had that seal cough and a fever of 102.  That's how quickly croup comes on!  Kevin picked her up and took her to urgent care where she got the steriod medicine again.  That stuff really works and it's pretty much essential with croup.  She had a pretty decent night with no big episodes so today we are low key and just hanging out at home.  I will be taking a nap when she does this afternoon.  I'm toast!  

These two are so sweet together!  Mills knows she doesn't feel good.  


  1. Hope that sweet girl feels better so soon! Looks like a great trip and how cool about sitting with a panthers coach!

  2. I hope you got a nap in today! And I hope MA feels better! Those pics of her are so cute! Your trip sounds crazy busy!! The coach didn't happen to be Curtis did it? He is the nicest guy!

  3. Super Bowl Ring!! How cool is that?!?

    Yikes. So sorry about the croup. Conner hasn't had that (but he's had 234908 other illnesses.....sigh)....fingers crossed that one skips our household! Hope everyone is all better FAST!