Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday

I got this bathing suit in the mail this week and I actually really like it.  It's cut a tiny bit too low on the sides but I think it'll work anyway.  We'll see. I need to try it on again.  

Watching Trump's address to Congress.  My little Mills!

Flywheel basically kicked my rear this week.  I've still been exercising a few days a week but hadn't been to Flywheel in too long.  It's quite different than a walk or run around the neighborhood! ;)

I got Molly Anne a few things at Fancy Pants this week and she loved digging into the bag.  She said, "oohhhhhhh" and when she opened it she said, "clothessss!!!!"  Oh boy, Kevin is in trouble if this little girl likes clothes at age almost 20 months!  Speaking of, that's tomorrow that she turns 20 months!

Kara (a friend from my neighborhood) and I have been walking a couple of miles most Thursdays.  Yesterday the girls were so cute checking each other out as we walked along.  

Couldn't leave this picture friend Shauna gave her these shades and she actually kept them on!  Last year she would not leave her babiators on so maybe she's grown out of that stage and will use shades this year?!

Molly Anne and I have a little adventure planned for this weekend so I'll fill you all in on that on Monday!  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. that suit is so cute! I have been wanting to try fly wheel, of course we don't have one in wilson but when I come to charlotte next it's on my list of things to try! What a great workout you had! MA is precious, she gets cuter and cuter with each picture you post. Girl after my own heart loving some clothes! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Love that MA is rocking her sunglasses! Yay for Flywheel and walks around the neighborhood; it is so good to clear the mind. Also, that bathing suit is cute!

  3. Oliver has been wearing his shades lately too! Like actually putting them on himself and keeping them on. I'm like who are you and what have you done with my sunglasses hating child?! Can not believe so she's close to being 2!!