Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Sofas

Remember when we went to High Point and ordered sofas IN NOVEMBER?!!!!!

Well on Monday night, they arrived!

Here are some before pictures of Kevin's college sofa and chair.  The chair on the left was a chair I got after college that we are going to keep for now.  

This is Mills' spot.  He lays there all day every day.  And he has caused the leather to peel off the sofa.

The truck arrived around 6pm!

We bought two sofas that are exactly alike.  They're by Four Seasons and are the Daniel sofa.  That link is for the sleeper sofa and ours aren't sleeper but I can't find the regular one.  These are slip covered.

Mills does approve of the sofa but I think it's hotter for him so maybe he'll have to have the fan on in the room?!  Spoiled rotten.

We selected a Sunbrella fabric and bought the $99 five year warranty and if there's a stain that doesn't come out, they will come to our house to get it out or replace the slipcover.  So nice.  I love the pillows we picked out too.  It came with 8 pillows, four of each pattern.  I didn't love any other fabrics that went with the below one we chose so I got four navy and white striped outdoor pillows for our patio at the new house.  

So far, we really like these and they change our den so much!


  1. LOVE your new sofas, and that was so smart to get the warranty on the fabric. Sunbrella fabric is wonderful, especially for this life stage!

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  3. Tip: if you bought a Guardsman furniture protection plan, always say the stain is pee or vomit and they comes out faster and approve the request more often. :)

  4. We have the SAME freaking sofa in our sunroom!!!!!!! AHHH!! But we went with the 3 seat with queen sleeper. I picked out a neutral khaki / taupe / beige fabric. Ours came with four pillows - two are larger than the other. I went with a paisley for the larger size and a solid for the smaller size, which matches the swivel chairs (stripe fabric), also by Four Seasons - the Libby collection. So we have two of those chairs and the couch in our sunroom. I knew I loved the swivel chair since I also have it in the nursery. LOVE Four Seasons!