Thursday, March 23, 2017

House Update - Another Tile Store

A few weeks ago I visited Daltile and met with a lovely lady named Jeannie!  This is what we picked out:

Master bedroom - this marble.  It's really pretty.  She drew out a neat design with how to use this combo for our bathroom.  It is darker than our current bathroom which drives me nuts with how much dust it shows!

Guest bath upstairs - above the soaking tub - Subway tile with one band of gray subways laid vertically.  And the large tile for the floor.  

Laundry room floor - these are actually a lot like bricks but evidently they clean up really well and are durable.  

Guest bath downstairs.  Honeycomb marble shower floor, oversized marble subway walls and the gray tile floors which are below the honeycomb.  

Molly Anne's bathroom will be the same as what I keep showing you all - all honeycomb all white floor (2"), above the tub will be white squares to halfway up and then white subway above that.  See below is what I'm thinking for behind her faucets....I LOVE these scallops and found the perfect turquoise for hers!  

So we have three different store's options for each bathroom except Molly Anne's is pretty much the same.  In the kitchen we are probably doing a beveled subway and keeping it pretty basic so we don't get tired of it.  It's almost 30 linear feet of tile so it's a lot and we don't want it to overpower the room.  Butler's pantry we will most likely do something pretty fun!  Stay tuned!  


  1. DYING over these choices!!!! It's going to look amazing!

  2. Beautiful, Beth! I cannot wait to see the end result - your home is going to be just beautiful. My dream is to build a house from the ground up and choose all of the details (although Brian and I would likely end up not speaking throughout the entire process ha!). And I am DYING over those scallops in MA's bathroom!

  3. I love all your tile choices! My parents did white subway tile on the kitchen walls and bathrooms, and it still looks great 20 years later. :) Those scallops for Molly Anne are lovely!

  4. Love EVERYTHING! We have super similar taste! YAY! So exciting!

  5. I'm loving these choices! I'm always a sucker for the honeycomb! Always! Can't sit to see if put together :)