Friday, March 31, 2017

Five on Friday - Kevin, Errands with MA

Kevin made out really well with his nasal surgery on Tuesday.  Doctor said it will really improve his life because he was such a mess!  Thank you all for thinking of him this week!

Chaos in CVS on Monday after work.  I know it's weird but Molly Anne doesn't really go on many errands with me because I do most of that stuff during lunch in the work week.  Now that she's walking, it really is much easier to take her places.  We had 15 minutes to waste in CVS while waiting on a prescription so we walked the toy aisle checking things out.  She really had so much fun haha!

Oh and she got to have a "sucker" for the first time.  As we walked around the store, she kept saying, "TASTE" and I'd let her lick it.  I am too paranoid to let her hold such a chokable thing!

We had a little time before Kevin got home on Monday so we played outside.  I'm still not sure who loves who more!

She loves picking these "flowers" and we talk about how they're yellow and we set them out to count!

Bubblesssssssssssssssss.  Her very favorite!

Girlfriend has been such a good girl while I've been playing nurse this week.  I'm not going to lie, there's been some Mickey Mouse involved!

And this little boy too.  He's been taking care of Daddy. ;)

ALL ABOUT THE BOOKS!  Girlfriend loves some books these days!  Well she has for awhile now.  I'm so glad!

Music started back yesterday and our friend Emmerson is joining us this time which is so fun to have a friend in class!  Molly Anne LOVES music and has the best time.  

Today I am attending a YMCA dedication because the owner's of my company donated a bunch of money to the YMCA so they're naming one after their family today.  And the other big news is that our office is moving today and tomorrow to a new office location so that's exciting. 



  1. Glad Kevin's surgery is behind you guys! Sounded like a busy but fun week! Enjoy the dedication today and good luck with the office move!

  2. Your little Molly is so adorable! I love that age and miss it so much! It's awesome that she likes books and is counting and things. It will prepare her for school, for sure. :)

  3. That dedication is so neat, and yay for an office move (although that can always be crazy)! So glad everything went well with Kevin's surgery and hope he feels better soon. My SIL had a similar operation and I know it took awhile before she was feeling like herself again. Also, love MA's adventures in CVS and with Mills. Those two are such great pals!

  4. Hope poor Kevin feels better soon. Emmerson loves being in music class with Molly Anne! They're the sweetest!