Friday, March 17, 2017

Six on Friday - Lilly, Utah, Lights, Vertical!

I've been pretty out of commission this week.  So here I am on Friday playing catch up at my office and in our world at home!

Gifts with purchases this weekend for Lilly Pulitzer's birthday!  Be sure to visit my friends at the Charlotte store!  These gifts are great!

I went to Salt Lake on Tuesday for the day.  Well I left on a 6am flight and returned at 6am on Wednesday morning.  It was a LONG 24 hours.  After our meetings were finished and before we caught our midnight flight, we had time to kill.  We headed up the canyon to Park City.  The views are unreal.  Check out this waterfall! 

First stop was at Boneyard which is a cool little spot.  We had the best fontina cheese ever and Meiomi Pinot Noir is always a good idea!

Our brokers came up and met us then we went to Grub Steak Restaurant  for dinner and it was soooo good.  Each entree comes with a trip to the salad bar (always the best places have these!) and check out the steaks behind on the grill!

It was rustic and low key which was cool for a place that had amazing steaks.  We didn't have to be all dressed up or anything to be there.

The filet was huge and basically it was two of them in one!

Awkwardness 101 with our brokers.  We love these guys...they are so fun to hang out with and really make our trips to Utah much more exciting!  

Whenever we land in Charlotte at 5:45am I always tell Laura that we are never doing a red eye again (because at this point I had been up since 3:30am the day before so for 26 hours) but then when I get home and Molly Anne is still asleep it's all worth it.  I get to be there when she gets up!  

I got to sleep for a few hours that morning and I'm starting to get back in business with my regular sleeping habits today.  The time change last weekend plus only a few hours of sleep Monday, no sleep on Tuesday and traveling all of that way....I was a tired puppy!

Got this little family photo from Sarah that Lindsay Hart took at Mary Scott's birthday party!  That's funny because I'm wearing the same Lilly cardigan I was wearing in Utah and I hadn't worn it since this party ha!  The cool thing about this picture is Molly Anne's tongue sticking out but the other cool part is that our backyard is in the background of this picture!

I was really into these lights and we ordered them but I think I'm taking them back.  I was reading on a local Mom's facebook site that they're very difficult to keep clean.  And they're going to be the primary focus of our large room so they need to be clean.  I think I am going to have to break up with them.  Sad.  Now I have to figure out something else.

Our house did start going vertical yesterday and it was amazing how quickly they work!  I went by at 9:45 and then again around 3:45 and it was drastically different.  Then we went by around 6:15 and they were still there last night working.  We got to watch them lift a large section of the front left of the garage up and wow.  Those guys work hard!  I can't wait to go by later today and see how much progress they make today!  (These pictures are from the 3:45pm visit)

My parents bedroom and bath...haha!  AKA the guest bed and bath downstairs.

We are on a two week break from music class so yesterday morning I took her to a place called Impact One.  It's basically a huge gym that has trampolines and bounce houses.  For $5 she got to play for an hour.  It was fun!

We have some fun plans tomorrow that we are looking forward to!  Other than that, we hope to chill because I have another big week next week.  Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!!


  1. I don't know how you do those quick trips across country! I know it wears you out. But so nice to be home before MA wakes up! Those Lilly gifts are so cute. Cute cute family photo!! Have a great weekend!

  2. So, as beautiful as those lights are...I think you're making the right call. You don't want to deal with that constant hassle, and once their up, it will be a lot harder to replace.

    Also - even with MA's cute tongue, I REALLY love that family picture! It's so Easter-y!

  3. Your little Molly Anne is adorable! I notice your TB flats in the UT pic- which ones are those? I need a new pair and I want some comfy ones. Do they have a leather bottom? I'm so picky about shoes, and really like quality.

  4. You impress me so much with your travel - I have a trip this week for work and it's only to Chicago and I'm dreading it! Molly Anne is too cute - love that pic of her and mills!

  5. Love the pic of the 3 of you from MS's birthday party :)

  6. Your job seems SO amazing, but SO exhausting! I think it's super cool that you get to travel all the time. I know that must be difficult, though, with a family. But you do it well!

    And we've talked about taking Conner to a bounce house / jump place or whatever they're called, but we haven't pulled the trigger yet. I guess we should. I know he'd love it!