Monday, March 20, 2017

Birthday Party Uptown

Well, it's Monday!  I love weekends.  Here's a wrap of ours....  

Friday we made these individual pizzas!

On these little crusts!  My friend Ashley used these when I visited her in January and I think they're perfect for easy pizzas on a Friday night.

After I put this one to bed and told her that Mama loved her she responded back with, "I wuv you!"  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh melt my heart.  

Saturday morning Kevin had a meeting with our accountant (ughhhhhh don't even get me started on what we owe this year!) so Molly Anne and I went to the mall to get her some new shoes for this Spring/Summer.  

She was not impressed with getting her foot measured but she got some mini Melissa jelly gold shoes.  They're super cute!  

After the mall I took her to Kevin's parent's house so they could watch her for the afternoon while Kevin and I went to a birthday party uptown.  We had some extra time before the party and there were lots of St. Patrick's Day celebrations going on so we pretended like we lived uptown again and joined the festivities!  First stop, Sip.  Second stop, Dandelion.  

Third stop, visiting our old stomping grounds.  

We LOVED living uptown but also love our little suburban life too! ;)  

We went over to Benjy's for his girl's birthday party.  Benjy's dog Murphy is sooo cute!  You know I love Goldens!  Murphy is just a puppy!

They grilled a bunch of wings and burgers and we all hung out.  It was fun!

We made it home in time to meet Kevin's parents with Molly Anne at our house so I could put her to bed.  I don't ever like missing putting her to bed especially when I have to miss it during the week when I travel.  

Sunday morning we chilled.  After her nap we went for a walk then came back and played with our backdoor neighbor girls.  They love Molly Anne.  They jumped over the fence and entertained her for a good 30 minutes!  So sweet!

Dinner Sunday night was salads from Zaxby's - have yall ever had them?  They're so good!  Kevin went and got them for us so we could eat at home.  

This morning Molly Anne was not thrilled about getting out of bed.  She's still sleeping an hour later because of the time change.  I kept trying to pick her up and she would just say, noooooo!

Back to the grind today!

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  1. I am SO impressed with y'alls social skills! I mean, y'all somehow manage to have an AWESOME work / life balance! #goals Also, you look fantastic in that picture with your hubby!