Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Being Outside

Ahhhh is is March 1st!  Can you believe it?!! 

Being outside is good for everyone!  It's something I have done since before we had Molly Anne but when she was young and had that "witching hour," we just went outside and she was instantly happy!  She would still prefer to be outside so we try to make that happen every afternoon after I pick her up!  We literally walk in the house and she starts saying, "outside, outside!"

We go on a walk with a friend, take the wagon for a little walk, play in our backyard, go to the playground, walk to the playground, walk to get the mail or trash can if it's a Monday, visit with neighbors, throw ball for Mills, anything to be outside.   It's good for the mama mental state too!

We met up with Margot and Emme last Monday at our new neighborhood playground!  It was so fun to see them after they had moved to NYC for a few years and now they're back!  Kevin and I lived at our high rise condo building with Margot and TJ back in 2007 so that's how we know them.  The girls are only 2.5 months apart so it's fun to have Emme close in age and they will live in the same neighborhood too!  

Molly Anne ran around like a crazy child so she ate a good dinner and slept well for sure!  We love being outside every afternoon!  Plus, you kinda can't beat 75 degrees in February!!!


(Yes these were Molly Anne's spare pants at Ms. Becky's so they're too small...she had gotten really dirty outside that day and I didn't have time to go home and change her!)


  1. The weather has been beautiful. KC has stopped napping and I'm wondering if it has to do with wanting to be outside. How fun to already know neighbors so well and have the girls so close in age!

  2. Love these sweet girls and am so thankful that they'll have each other growing up as neighbors and friends! Happy to be back in Charlotte and reunited with y'all!