Monday, March 27, 2017

Sick Weekend

We really didn't do anything this weekend other than take care of Molly Anne.  She was better on Friday but then Saturday became super congested.  Saturday night she was up coughing all night.  Sunday night the same thing.  I took her back to the doctor this morning and her ears were clear which I was concerned about.  It's basically just how croup works - one day you're better and the next day not.  The steriod helps speed the breathing and barking cough along to a more productive cough which is what she has now.  She hasn't had a fever since Thursday so the steriod really did nip it in a bud.  Now we just get to deal with the lingering cough.  Overall you wouldn't really know she is sick except the runny nose and cough at night.

Doctor approved her going to Becky's so I came to work.  I hadn't been to my office in a week.  And we have a rough week in front of us.  Kevin is having sinus surgery tomorrow.  Oh did I mention, I have some sort of junk with a terribly sore throat and my ears are about to pop off?  I'm going to the doc in a little bit.  Ahhhhh!  We will get better.  Until then, trying to rest a lot and drink a lot of water!  Exciting times here.  Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. Aww, poor little lamb. I hope everyone is feeling 100% soon, and the Kevin's surgery goes okay tomorrow. Even when it is a relatively minor surgery, the recovery can sometimes be tough!

  2. So sorry y'all are sick!! I hope both of y'all start feeling better soon!!