Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday - Tipsy Bunny Bows, Girls Dinner, Playground and Fly

It's been a great week!  Here are five for your Friday!

The Tipsy Bunny has the cutest spring bows and may I brag on my cute model?!  I asked her to go sit down and say cheese for a picture and she did it.  I was shocked!  But can we please discuss how adorable these monograms are on the bows?!!!!  You can choose one letter or the three letter monogram like Molly Anne has on hers!  

We had a little girls night at Basil on Monday night!  Always fun to do this on a random week night!    

On Tuesday afternoon I met a few friends and their little girls at our neighborhood playground for a little play time!

Molly Anne goes down the big slides by herself now ahhhh.  How did she get so big?!

And she wondered off to play with the big girls.  Maybe because she is at Becky's where she is still the youngest, that's why she likes to be one of the older ones?!

Her black eye from hitting the piano bench is looking better today.  This picture is from Wednesday.  Poor little baby! 

I got up and after it on Wednesday morning.  The 4:35a wake up is tough but always worth it.  I'm really trying to do Flywheel at least once a week but next week may not happen because I'll be in Utah for a day.  I'll still try to fit it in. 

Last night I slept 9.5 hours and I feel like a new person.  I really needed the sleep.  

Here's to the weekend!  


  1. NINE AND A HALF HOURS girl I am so jealous!!! <3

  2. She is the sweetest little bow model and Emme loves her play dates with Molly Anne! And you are a super hero for getting after it at fly wheel. Goals!

  3. Yay for flywheel and some well deserved sleep! Love those bows; the monogram is a game changer. And time at the park with friends is always so fun!

  4. Omg 4:35?!? I don't think I could get up that early without being asleep at my desk at 5 haha!