Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Molly Anne - isms

Molly Anne has been doing so many fun things I thought it'd be fun to jot those down today!

1.  A couple weeks ago when she and I flew to Maryland, we were at the airport on the way back and a guy with a white beard walked into the boarding area and Molly Anne said, "ho ho hooooo!"  He reminded her of Santa evidently!  Well, we were on the plane first and when the guy walked on the plane, she yelled out, "Santa!!!!"  I told him I was sorry haha but he was a good sport and laughed!  

2.  Two weekends ago this little queenie took her diaper off during nap so she slept for over 3 hours with no diaper.

3.  I guess Kevin and I have been saying, "oh Molly Anne that was so nice" and "good girl" too much because now if she does something that she knows was good, she'll say, "so nice" afterwards or "good girl!"

4.  When we were in Maryland, she had a boot camp of manners training.  My Mom was on her about her manners and boy did it pay off.  Girlfriend is into saying Please and Thank You and she says both unprompted now!  She also will say Yes Ma'am or No Sir but you still have to tell her to say those.  And we're working on Yes instead of Yeah!  We'll see...she isn't going to be 100% perfect all of the time but we'll take 75% perfect! ;)  

5.  Last week in the car to Ms. Becky's, Kevin told me that she said, "I wuv you mills."  Mills wasn't with them but I guess she has heard us say it and was being extra sweet.  Speaking of, last week when I was in Utah, Kevin sent me a video of her saying, "I love you Mommy" in the bathtub and basically my heart crumbled into a million pieces.  I'd post it on my blog but I'm not really into sharing half naked pictures of my daughter on social media. ;)

6.  We were talking to my Dad through the Bluetooth in my car and he called and said "hey."  He didn't know Molly Anne was in the car but Molly Anne blurted out, "hi poppa" right after he said hey.  Meaning....she knew his voice and didn't have to see him on facetime to know who it was.  I was like AWESOME!   

7.  When anyone sneezes, she says, "bless you!"  It is so cute.

8.  She folds her hands before dinner when we say a prayer and then says A-men at the end.  Thank you Becky for this!  

9.  She repeats the last word of any sentence you say if she's near you.  Girlfriend likes to talk talk talk talk talk.  She didn't walk for a long time but she has made up for it in the talking department!  She'll say anything you tell her to say and she'll also say things you don't want her to say, ahhhh!

10.  She knows what is going on at all times.  She is very aware of where Mills is.  She knows what food and drink she does and does not like.  She will tell you, "No" if she doesn't want what you are offering her.  Yes, a little bit of sass is in her step!  Kevin is already preparing for the years to come! ;)  We pull into our new neighborhood and she immediately says, "house!"  I could go on and on.  This child does not miss a beat.  It's unreal.  

This stage will definitely keep you on your toes but it is SO FUN!  I keep saying that each phase is my favorite yet but this one really may be.  I love that she can communicate with us!


  1. Awww, so sweet! I love how sweet she is. :)

  2. Such a little lovie! Your dad must have just melted when he heard that! And I love seeing her pics with Mills on IG. So sweet together. XOKK

  3. This age IS so fun! It seems that Conner is picking up new words every day. I'm sure he is. Sometimes I secretly wonder if he's smarter than me. Seriously. It's crazy how smart a two year old is! And bossy, too! He'll demand pineapple, for instance, and then say, "Right here" meaning - don't even think about putting it in another spot on his plate. Sigh. He's also into "helping" me pour milk into his sippie cup. Le sigh. Amazingly, no horrible spillage yet...I'm not holding my breath!