Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Easter Decorations

I kept Easter decorations pretty simple this year.  Come on in.  Front door...

This was the new decor I picked up this year.  I always try to get one new thing each season for each holiday.  I love this felt bunny runner from PBK - link is here.  

One of my first decorations was this Easter tree from Williams-Sonoma that Mom gave me back in the day.  I try to get a new ornament each year but I didn't last year.  We'll see if we find one we like this year!  (ignore the tile samples on the table ha!)

Molly Anne's Easter basket with eggs and a purple bunny that I always had in my basket growing up.

I love this bunny.  She may be my favorite thing I have.  I got it at a little shop near our house a few years ago.  She's fragile but so cute. 

I really would like to get a Happy Easter banner for our mantel but I may wait and get it after the holiday on sale if I can find one I like.  


  1. I love all of your Easter decor! We've hung a few things up, but I've still got to decorate our mantle. I'm so excited about spring! :)

  2. Love all of your decorations!! MA and Ella have the same basket :)