Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wedding Pictures - Our Exit

Nothing screams classy then having a hooters sign in back of you.  Hmmm, wish that was edited out.  

We got our sparklers from Sparkle.  We ordered the 36" length because they stay lit long enough for you to run through the tunnel of light!

The basket is full of goodies that City Club sends you with - a bottle of wine, glasses, wine cork, cheese and crackers and all of your cards that were given to you.

A friend of Kevin's girlfriend took this picture and it's one of my favorite from the day.  Thank you Jacquelyn!

We got a pedi cab and he was so sweet to take us wherever we wanted to go.  Oh, my friend Fran arranged this big gorgeous white bow for the back of it!

Kevin's Dad and my Mom giving us our final orders!  (Yes we gave out the sunglasses that his Dad has on his head!)

And we were off and I don't even know some of those people on the sidewalk cheering us on haha!  The beauty of uptown! 

Thankfully my camera was in my purse because the pedi cab took us to Avenue which is where we met and our old condo building.  Junior, our concierge, was in there and he was so kind to take pictures for us!

 And Basil where we went on our first date and many anniversaries after that!

I should recap the after party too!  That'll be next!


  1. Aww I love that y'all stopped at the place you met and where you had your first date after the wedding! So sweet. Those are great sparklers..I've seen too many that are smokey and make for bad pics.

  2. the 4th picture is the best I've seen yet. I think I would blow that one of up for your house!

  3. Great pictures! Can't wait to catch up tonight!

  4. What great pictures!

    I found you through the Charlotte social. I live in the area too. :)

    The Grass Skirt

  5. Your exit with the sparklers is absolutely stunning! Your photographer was amazing and really captures the joy.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I agree with Dee - that picture of you two smooching is absolutely fabulous. And don't worry about the sign, it's just keepin' it real :)

    That girlfriend also has a FABULOUS eye -- the look on your face, even though you're walking away from the camera is perfect :)

  7. These photos are great - some of my favorites. And, I love that you got to roll by your first date place.

  8. I love that you stopped at the Avenue and Basil. So, so sweet! And I love the basket the City Club sent with you. My favorite pic is the one of you smooching. Adorable.

  9. There's nothing better than a sparkler exit!

    I know you've had some issues with your photog, but it is an EXTREMELY easy edit in Photoshop to edit out the Hooters sign. In fact, you could do it yourself. In fact, I would love to do it for you, it would take literally 10 seconds.

  10. What gorgeous departing pictures! So glad you went with the 36" sparklers, well worth the splurge. Love the pedi cab getaway, too. So cute!

  11. I agree with Dee. What a great pic.

  12. That picture that your friend took is awesome! And I love the sparklers!

  13. Don't worry too much, Annie. I'm certain no one has paid more attention to the 'hooter' sign more than the image of you two. Plus, a perfect exit is imperfect by default. It's just the right mixture of everything for a getaway if you’d ask me. Good luck on your life together! :* Isabelle@
    JayLynn Studios