Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Pictures - The After Party

We all went to Connolly's after the reception.  Of course it was our usual Charlotte friends that came!  That didn't surprise us and we were SO glad they were up for going out! ;)

Theses are pictures from my camera which I'm happy I carried throughout the weekend...highly recommend!

Trey is a friend from home home.  It was fun that he came out with us too.

This is Jacquelyn and Dan.  She's the one that took that awesome exit picture for us!

Emily and Michael are getting married late October!

I saw one of my sorority sisters, Julie there.  We were in line for the bathroom.  LOVE her and it was really special getting to see her.  She helped me with my dress in the facility!  Ha!

Kevin and his bank boys and their better halves!

Yes Kevin changed when we went back to the hotel.  I was wearing my dress all dang night!!!!  Hey, you only wear your wedding dress once, why not?!

Tara and I.  Only bridesmaid who came out!  Love ya sista!!!

 We saw our friend Tom and harassed him.  I love Tara's face in this picture. 

Tara and the bank crowd scooted out and these were the last friends standing!  

They all ended up leaving and yes, Kevin and I were the last people out on our own wedding night!  Very appropriate since we usually are for most weddings we go to.  

The first meal he bought for me, his new wife (ha!), was at Qdoba at 2:30am!  We got a meal free and a standing ovation from all the drunk people in the restaurant. Good times!

Then we walked down the block to the hotel and got congratulated by everyone we saw.  It was fun and special that it was just us!


  1. What a HOOT! Gosh, at the end of our reception I got on the microphone drunk and told everyone to go to Connolly's then we went upstairs to change, ended up ordering Papa John's and passing out!
    Everyone still went and one of our friends even met his current wife there that night!!

  2. I love this! And I totally agree - you only get to wear your dress once so go for it! I already had my dress preserved and it kind of kills me not to be able to try it on around the house. Ha!

  3. I very possibly may wear my wedding dress until we get on the plane to go to our honeymoon...ha! I also plan on having some FUN the night of my wedding, I will be TIRED the next day :)

  4. That last comment sounds like I'm doing dirty things all night... I meant up partying with friends/guests/family :)

  5. That sounds like my kind of party!! I totally would have worn my wedding dress all night, too!!

  6. I LOVE THIS! You two seem so down to earth and fun. Love the free meal and standing ovation. Well deserved! xoxo

  7. This looks like so much fun! Also love the croakies with your wedding gown!