Friday, July 26, 2013

Five On Friday

Last week was so fun, I just had to do it again!

1.  Cooking - y'all this is embarrassing.  I have not cooked one meal for Kevin since we got married on April 6th.  Yes today is July 26th.  He always just gets home and starts dinner and ends up finishing the cooking while I get unpacked from the day.  Between that and my travel, he's just home more to do that stuff.  It's nuts and I feel like a horrible WIFE for it!  I do grocery shop.  The king does not set foot in a Harris Teeter ladies...he hates it.

2.  Summer - I live for the summer.  End of summer sales that keep popping up are my favorite and I can't turn them down.  I'd be in a sundress year round if I could.  And there have been many times that I only have to wait for four months of winter (Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb) here in Charlotte.  Actually I've been at the pool in February in Charlotte so ya never know.

3.  Favorites series - I'm excited to kick off a two week series on favorites this Monday!  Stay tuned and you'll get to hear from some bloggers you most likely know well!

4.  My nieces in Pawleys - Anna Kate and I have been sending each other mail.  She sent me a sheet of heart stickers, a colorful butterfly she made and a letter.  Last week I sent her a note on pink paper and three sheets of fun stickers.  Love that lil girl!  In the picture below, my goddaughter Amelia is on the left and my two nieces on the right.  Crazy girlies!

5.  Do you all ever miss home-home?  I do and I try to go home as much as I can.  I think I like feeling like a kid again.  I was there from Saturday until Tuesday of this week and my parents let me pick every meal.  Crabs, scrapple and more crab, oh and some chicken salad - best EVER from their grocery store, Giant.

Cheers to the weekend!!!!!!!


  1. I love that picture of your nieces--their dresses are too cute! And my bank account has seriously been hurting from all of the summer sales haha! Summer in the South is like 7 months long, so I use that to justify my purchases!

  2. Those dresses are cute! I don't cook as much as I should either. I use to but now it's total tag-team. Brad is faster than me, so I plan our meals and tell him what to cook.

  3. I'm going Home-Home next month and even thought it's WAY different than when I lived there, it'll be so great to be back.

  4. Girrrrrl you better cook that man some dinner. Crockpot! And I love going to my parents house! I can just kick back and relax..and raid their pantry/fridge. :)

  5. You and Kevin should move back to MD! Plenty of us here to welcome you!

  6. Joey is much more of a cook than I am. He even loves going to the grocery store! Home-home is the best :)