Thursday, July 18, 2013


I worry.  A lot.  And about everything.  

1.  I worry about what people think.  
2.  I worry about our house.
3.  I worry about how good of a job I'm doing at work.
4.  I worry about Mills.
5.  I worry about my family (including things like if they'll make it to and from a restaurant alright). 
6.  I worry about money.
7.  I worry about how I look.
8.  I worry about making others happy.
9.  I worry about my friends.
10.  I worry about EVERYTHING.

I mean I don't even know how I'll deal with having children eventually.  I just worry SO much.  

I need to learn to let it go y'all!  I just do.  I promise I'm not crazy, just being honest!


  1. I'm the same way. I check to make sure I turned off my straightener at least 5 times (even when I didn't even use it) before I leave because I worry about Riley being safe alone in the apartment while we're at work. It drives Corey crazy when we're headed to dinner or out somewhere because I always have to unlock the door to go back in and check one more time.

  2. I use to worry a lot too but over the years have learned to let it go. You will too.

  3. Girl, my middle name should be worry. I am the exact same. I keep myself awake at night, where Keith does not have a worry in the world. I don't get it. I also over think EVERYTHING.

  4. I feel ya, girl! It's something I've worked on in therapy and on my own time for YEARS. I've found a lot of help through prayer and faith - I know bad things may happen sometimes, but I trust that God is good and will look out for us for the most part.

  5. I have been told time and again that worry doesn't get you anywhere yet I still do more than most people know. I am a severe worry or anxiety ridden person. I want people to be happy and I worry that they are not. I know where you are coming from. What has helped me some over the last few years (not meds) but acupuncture. I do not take meds for things. I hope that your state of worry calms some for you.

  6. Exactly what Dee said. It gets better.

  7. I'm a worrier too! I'm so bad sometimes. For example, if I can't get ahold of Bryce for a few hours, I'll sometimes start to panic that something's happened to him. Usually he's just been in a meeting and away from his phone, and even though I know that's the likely reason, I still worry until I hear back from him! I also look at how much I worry and care for my students or kids I babysit for and I can't imagine what I'll be like as a mom! I think I'm going to be a crying, blubbering mess half the time, haha!

  8. PS- I have a great giveaway going on right now that I have a feeling you'd like for the new house, so be sure to stop by!

  9. I totally worry and get paranoid about everything too!

  10. Amen for this post! I seriously worry about EVERYTHING. Even things that are like super far into the almost makes me worry that I'm crazy! I have such a hard time not worrying!