Monday, July 22, 2013

Camp in Maryland

Mills and I drove up to Maryland on Saturday for Camp.  He's going to visit with my parents for a few weeks.  We'll miss him SO much.  The boy loves the sunroof open!

He made himself quite comfortable when we arrived.  Sure, Mills, go ahead and move the oriental.

It took him a few hours to figure out where he was again.  He came in December but he was only 4 months old then.  Now he's 11 months old today.  

And it didn't take him long to find all of the air conditioning vents in the house and lay right on top of them.

We went to Old Mill and picked crabs....I had been looking forward to this for a LONG time.  It's my favorite summer thing to do.  

Mills and Dad washed cars yesterday.  Mills was clearly a huge help cleaning up all of his fur on the inside of the car.  Look at that tongue hanging out.  Crazy dog.

Love his paws.  

Mom and Dad had made this delish fruit salad.  Grapes, cherries (pits out), watermelon, white peaches and kiwi.  Somewhat unexpected ingredients but SO tasty.  It was lunch yesterday with some chicken salad.

Mills is borrowing a condo from my parents friends sons dog.  It's a little too small for him but he'll make do.  He does like being in close spaces so he may even like it.  

Last thing - my parents got this canvas made of me.  It was the only way the picture would fit on it so they're going to have the sides cut off and have it framed or something.  I think it's odd to have a picture of just me on a wall but whatever floats their boat.  

It's been amazing getting 10 hours of sleep a night here.  Dad has been up to take care of Mills which has been so nice so I can sleep.  But don't ya just sleep better at home-home?!  I do!


  1. He'll have a great time and so will your parents. Brad's parents are always sad when Buddy leaves :(

  2. Mills is so cute! And yeah, I definitely sleep in my own bed at home-home!

  3. Jax was at camp with my parents this past weekend! And we aren't going anywhere since my AC isn't working.

    And I've been leaving comments from my Blog Lovin' app on my phone and it doesn't work! So if my comments haven't shown up it was the stupid apps fault!

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