Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blog Sale!

Shipping will be $6 per item, but will be discounted if multiple pieces are bought. All sales are final. Any questions, please ask me! anniesadventures16 at! Paypal only. Items will be shipped out the next business day after payment.

If you'd like an item please email me at the above address, that way I can keep track of who asked for what first.  If payment is not made from the original buyer within 24 hours of me sending the Paypal request, you may just get lucky and snag the item!

I am on the road today so I'm going to try to keep up with the email as much as possible but you may not get the Paypal request until this evening.  :)

Happy Summer Shopping!

Item #1 - Lilly Pulitzer dress.  Size 10.  Older pattern but only worn once!  $35

 Item #2 - Lilly Pulitzer Dress.  Size 12.  Worn once.  I had cups put into the top FYI. $35

SOLD - Item #3 - The beloved Lilly Pulitzer Sabrina Dress with tie back.  Size 10.  $30

Item #4 - Lilly Pulitzer, Size 8.5 shoes.  Worn a couple of times but in great condition.  They'd be perfect for the Fall.  $25

Item #5 - Lilly Pulitzer, Size 8.5 pink shoes.  Would be super fun to pep up a work outfit or wear out with jeans!  These have been worn but are still in decent condition if they were cleaned up a little bit.  $20

Item #6 - J. Crew City Fit pink seersucker pants.  Size 12.  $20

 Item #7 - Vineyard Vines cropped starfish pants.  Size 12.  $25

 Item #8 - J. Crew Pink Chinos.  Size 12R.  $18

 Item #9 - Lacoste sleeveless polo.  Size 42 (like a 10/M/L).  $15

 Item #10 - J. Crew Salmon Cropped Pants.  City Fit.  Size 12.  $15

Item #11 - Lilly Pulitzer Cropped Pants.  Size 14 but obviously I wear more of a 12 and these are just a little loose.  I didn't want skin tight pants for Fridays at work.  $25

 Item #12 - Lilly Pulitzer striped seersucker pants.  Size 12.  $30

Item #13 - J. Crew City Fit Ivory Cropped Pants - Size 14.  I took the tags off these but never wore them.  They were too big and I didn't want to pay to have them altered.  $20

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