Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Two years ago today was a very special day!

We got engaged in Hilton Head.

After checking into The Inn at Harbour Town, we went to CQ's for dinner then to The Beach Club for an after dinner drink.  Kevin had The Inn take care of all of our transportation.

Little did I know that he had Morrison Smith FedEx the ring down to the hotel and they had kept it in their safe.  Kevin retrieved it while I was in the shower.

On the beach at The Beach Club with fireworks in the background, Kevin got down on one knee!  I WAS SHOCKED to say the least.


We spent the rest of the evening celebrating with people we met when we walked back up to the bar.  They all screamed and were so excited for us.  That was an incredible moment!

The Inn came back to get us and we got a picture in the hotel lobby.  Funny looking back now because my brother and SIL have this exact same picture.  They got engaged at the The Inn before dinner at CQ's.  And even more crazy, Kevin's brother got engaged on the same day a couple years before and in a different location.  PS - Kevin didn't know any of this.

Us calling everyone when we got back to the room!

Read the entire story here!  I still think back to those few days and just squeal with excitement.  It was THE BEST feeling!


  1. Today is our eng-avisery too! This is the first post I did on ours.. I had just started the blog. Of course, there were full recaps of it all but this was my first one to announce!

  2. Happy happy! Love you showing off that BLING in those pictures!

  3. Aw, I love this! It turns out that JM's mom and dad got engaged the same day that we did. He didn't have a clue, but his mom started crying and things it's so special we share that date :)

  4. Happy engagiversary :) I don't think I had ever seen these photos. You look SO happy (as you should!).

  5. That is precious! Happy engage-iversary!