Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Furniture

It's no secret that we moved from 700 square feet to almost 4,000 square feet so we have A LOT of furniture to buy.  Quite frankly it is overwhelming but we are trying to just get pieces here and there when we see them.  

We struck gold last week when I happened to look on Craigslist and found a bed.  When we went to look at it, the home had so many gorgeous antiques and I just kept asking the sweet lady if she would sell this and that.  We now have each other's personal email address and she's going to email me when she's ready to get rid of her china cabinet, oriental rugs, amazing clock, dressers and silver.  They are a bit older than our parents so they are starting to downsize.  Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for us!) their children are far away and it doesn't make sense to truck these pieces cross country.

So take a peak at what we scooped up!

This bed.  Mom and I added the two pillows in front this weekend from Home Goods.  The bedding is also from Home Goods.  We received gorgeous bedding for our wedding from Pottery Barn but with Mills, we weren't willing to allow him to ruin it.  And let's be honest, he's on the bed every morning and evening and that isn't going to change.  Instead we took it back (sadly and with a lot of debate!) and bought a piece of furniture with the gift card.  Stay tuned and I'll show you.

PS - bed skirt still needs to be ironed and put on!

Moving into our dining room.  We bought the lowboy in the background from the lady and also this dining room table.  Eventually we will have to have the table refinished but it's okay for now.  We need to get four more chairs and her sister has some for us.  We're thinking about those.

On the lowboy in the background - the mirror, candlesticks, double wine bucket, salt and pepper shakers and vase were all wedding gifts.  On the table are candlesticks that were my grandparents and then a pottery barn thing in the middle.

So back to the gift card from the bedding.  We were able to buy this bar in the below picture and we LOVE it.  It's a piece we'll have for forever so it made me feel better from having to return the bedding.  It'll travel with us and be privy to all of the memories in our home.  I think that's pretty special.

We added the lamps and mirror this weekend from Home Goods.  The silver tray was my parents and the silver champagne bucket from from The Champagne Ladies.  

Since we got a real dining room table, this one that we used got moved to our foyer.  The table we had used in the foyer got moved to be my bedside table.  My bedside table I had used got moved to the guest room.  Follow all of that?!

The last piece we bought from the lady is this amazing, very old drop leaf table.  It's going to be perfect in our living room (where it is now) when we get more furniture in there.  Currently it's the only piece.  Ha!

This is the table fully extended.

The next thing we'd really like to get is a china cabinet.  I'm hoping our new friend from Craigslist wants to part with hers soon!  ;)  I have not found any others I like.  It's fun decorating a home!


  1. I love all your finds! I think four poster beds are just classic and gorgeous. Loving that bar too. I agree its something that you'll have forever. Unfortunately, when you have a dog, your bedding is not.

  2. I love the drop leaf table, good job on such great finds. We're hoping to start furniture shopping this weekend. Like you we also gained far more house than we had furniture for.

  3. A lot of the furniture I have collected over the years has been Craiglist finds as well.
    Not everything, but some. Also, we were lucky that our parents both gave us some of their belongings when they downsized. Like our dining room table. That was my in-laws and I simply had the seats recovered. Our china cabinet was theirs too.
    As for your bed? Hysterical! I LOVE it but the bed in our guest bedroom(which was my main bed when i was single), is much the same and Brad HATES IT! He keeps threatening to chop the poles off!!! LOL!!!! I still like it :-)

  4. These are such beautiful pieces!!! I'm sure your new CL friend is happy to have found you & Kevin, also - now she'll know that her treasured pieces are going to a happy home to a couple who will care for them. I think it's a win win!

  5. I want that bed! I got my drop leaf dining table of CL as well!

  6. Beautiful pieces-- what great finds! Your home looks absolutely lovely!

  7. Love that bar!!! Craigslist is such a great place to find furniture too!!

  8. What fab weekend scores...your place looks great! I am in the exact same place now that the wedding is over let the focus shift to decorating! xx

  9. It all looks great! Your home is really coming together. I love that you are taking your time and finding pieces you love. :-)

  10. It's all coming together!!! How exciting! I love this post and how you found a bed on Craigslist that's beautiful and how Home Goods was your go to place. We are getting a house in DC so I need all the tips and store suggestions I can get. :)

  11. I love that you're taking it one step at a time..I'm sure it makes it more fun to be on the hunt for things! Your new bed is almost identical to Bryce's!