Monday, July 8, 2013

July 4th Recap

We had such a fun time with my parents in town for the long weekend.  Mills was looking for them all day on Wednesday...

They finally arrived around 8pm and brought some Maryland goodies!

Thursday morning we headed to the Waxhaw parade.  Kevin's Mom drove, my Mom co-captained.  Dad and I rode in the back seat.  Kevin and a planning commission member rode in the bed of the truck.  Kevin's Dad was supposed to be back there but he rode with the Veteran's in a mustang.  

Our Dad's.

 When we got home, I started preparing for our cookout.  This was our appetizer straight from Pinterest.

Kevin's family came over and we had burgers, dogs, corn and sliced tomatoes with ice cream and apple crisp for dessert.  I had bought some fireworks that we shot off in our backyard.  That was fun!

Friday was Mom's and my shopping day!  We think these chairs would look good on our porch as a lounge area.  

Mills supervised our whole weekend and tried to be as close to Nannie and Poppa as possible at all times.

He got to play lots of towel with Poppa and be drug around the floors.  That boy hung on for dear life!  He loved it!

Mom and I stocked up at Home Goods (the below lamps didn't come home with us but others did).

We picked up some new to us antique furniture on Friday evening with help from Kevin's parents.  Afterwards, Mom and I made fresh grouper (from our Farmer's Market friend) for dinner that night with baked potato, squash casserole and grilled okra.

Then of course TCBY was in order on both Friday and Saturday and then again Saturday night.  We may be obsessed.

Saturday also brought plumbing issues in which my Dad and Mills solved.

Saturday night we went to dinner at Beef and Bottle as a special thank you to my parents helping us SO much.  They come down here and for 4-5 days straight every time, just do project after project.  They never complain and they just keep on going for hours all day.  They are unreal and I'm thankful for them.  

This weekends projects included: hanging the TV in our bedroom (cords still need to be done), bringing our wedding gift (dresser) down and placing it properly, picked up the new to us furniture and put it together, fixed our half bath toilet, Mom redecorated a lot and helped me put away wedding gifts, buffing out our new tables, moving furniture everywhere, worked on a stain on a dining room table chair, fixed the sink leak, helped me make meals, fixed the disposal, they took Mills out 100 times and hung pictures and mirrors.  A LOT was done.  Thank you Mom and Dad for everything.

This picture below was yesterday, the day they were leaving to go home.  Mills had seen suitcases leaving by this point and he knew what was about to happen.  Yes he knows what suitcases mean.  Sad puppy.  He just tried to soak up every bit of attention possible.

Kevin did yardwork yesterday afternoon while I finished straightening up the house.  Mills and I did some Europe planning.

He did some rabbit and Nannie and Poppa looking.

Then we all crashed for the evening. 

Ready for a busy but fun week!


  1. Awww poor Mills, his eyes are so sad in the photo with your dad! Sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Rappa favorite!!!!

    It's so great that they come down to help!

  3. Your appetizer looked great! I know it feels so good to get things done around the house!
    And, I love Beef and Bottle!

  4. Riley gets so sad when he sees suitcases too! You guys got so much accomplished this weekend. Love your Pinterest appetizer. Did you convince Kevin to say yes to the four poster bed?

  5. 1. Love your scalloped shorts
    2. Mills is still adorable, but growing up too fast!
    3. Where is his dog bed from?
    4. Glad y'all got so much done this weekend!

  6. Y'all get so much done! I need your energy. And the Beef & Bottle is our favorite restaurant!!

  7. Looks like a fabulous weekend and your parents sound AMAZING!!! Love the last 2 pics of Mills!