Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Peak Into My Closet

I thought it'd be fun to do a tour of my closet.  Not sure why but I like seeing other peoples so maybe you all want to see mine?

Let's get things straight first.  When we moved into our house, I had high intentions of having the closet Kevin now has.  I BEGGED for it.  But after my bestest and SIL visited before we moved in, they told me I should stick with the one I had been "assigned" by my (then) fianCHE.  This one was long and skinnier but it had more room.  And yes it does.  Thank you ladies!  I'm happy with it and hate Kevin's closet now.

I hope one day to take all of the wire racks out and use a fancy closet system but I have plenty of room so I don't really need it to be more efficient.  I will say this, it has been SO nice not to have to switch out my summer and winter clothes.  I did that for 12 years.

This house has TWO walk in closets in the master.  The lady and her husband who built the home were very smart people.  :)

Outside looking in.

On the right hang some old purses. I know it's not good for them to hang but...  And my brother gave me that rack a long time ago for a birthday present.

I've got my clutches in that container and winter shoes underneath.

On the top are sweatshirts.  I never wear sweatshirts in Charlotte.  It's not cold-cold and if it is chilly, I usually use my fleece jacket.

Top rack is all my sleeveless tops and cardigan shells.  At the end of the same rack are my suit jackets.

On the shelf I keep my running goods in that basket and my fancy shoes for weddings on the rack below my sleeveless shirts.  Pants and empty hangers on the bottom rack.

Straight ahead on the top shelf I have bathing suits in that top bin.  Long sleeve shirts color coordinated on the top rack.  On the right side of the top rack, you can't see but those are my collared shirts that I never wear.  Bottom rack is short sleeve tees.

Left side top rack are my rainbow of J. Crew cardigans and sweaters that I never wear in the back.

Bottom rack is a sleeve from a Lilly cardigan (ha!) and all of my skirts.

Small rack of dresses.  If there is anything this closet lacks, it's long hanging space.  I have an entire guest room closet full of dresses.  I didn't take that picture but I don't need to advertise, to Kevin who is reading this, just how many dresses I own.  

Also see on the right side of the below picture that hanger with holes in it?  Best invention ever to hang scarves.  It's from The Container Store.

Above my dresses I have long sleeve t-shirts and empty bags.

Still moving in a counter clockwise motion in my closet we're at the farthest left point from when we looked in.  Top rack are empty bags.  Then next rack are tanks (el cheapos), shorts and coverups.

Next rack down are nicer tanks that I keep folded, jeans and more jeans.

And shoes and more shoes.

Hope you enjoyed a peak in my closet.  Now it's your turn!  Post your link in the comments if you've done this post in the past or feel free to make your post now!


  1. Girl! You don't want to see my closet! It's a HOT MESS! I'm not a closet person. Unorganized. The only thing I can say is I don't use wire hangers. That's about it.

  2. Your closet is so perfect. Also I definitely use our 2 other closets to hide dresses from Connor. Sorry I'm NOT sorry, right? :)

  3. I LOVE your closet! I also love how organized everything is. How smart that there are two walk-ins. We looked at a townhouse that had two in the master over the weekend and I thought it was just genius. Isn't it amazing not to have to switch your clothes out with the seasons? I'm able to do that in our current apartment and I find that it really helps with useless shopping, too, when I can see everything I already have.

  4. Thank you for sharing. Love it!

  5. Your closet is huge! I bet your dress closet is Lilly heaven!

  6. Pretty sure I lived in a room that size when I first moved to Manhattan :)

    I agree about the GENIUS behind his & hers walk ins -- a family friend of ours once said, "A happy marriage is having a big beautiful master suite with separate toilets" lol!

  7. Much bigger..and more organized..than mine! :)

  8. Come organize my closet! Looking forward to Saturday!

  9. I envy you right now! My clothes are everywhere! I keep some in a closet and dresser at the apartment, some in a closet and dresser at Bryce's, and some at my parents' house! I am looking forward to the day when I have ALL my clothes neatly in one place!