Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brand Loyalty

Are you all brand loyal?  Do you always go back to the same stores for clothes, auto repair or restaurants?

I do!  I'm a creature of habit.  For heaven's sake, I used to park in the same parking level of the same deck at the airport every time.  Now I'm lazy and valet but that's another story. 

I am not open to change.  I do not like change.  I know this is not a good thing and I need to be more open minded.  Kevin always tells me that "it's my way or the highway."  Well, I'm not arguing.  I AM my Mother's Child.  Love ya Mama!

But yes I'm brand loyal to:  J. Crew, my hair gal, the same Farmer's Market, the same mall, the same Harris Teeter, my cleaners, Lilly Pulitzer.  I just like who and what I use, so why change?!

So are you brand loyal?


  1. I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. I yearn for new restaurants, new food, new stores, and new people in my life. I have a hard time doing anything more than once, watching the same movie more than once, or even buying more than one of an item - even if I love it!

  2. Totally! I'm brand loyal, sometimes to a fault. However, since I am so loyal I also try and give feedback when it's good or bad.

  3. I am so loyal! Rarely change any of my products. I will go into stores that are new to me, but very rarely buy anything at them. It seems when I do I always wish I had saved my money and kept to what I know and love!

  4. Totally brand loyal over here! Same grocery store, gas stations, Target, stores, websites, hair guru, products, everything! I even have a favorite treadmill at the gym! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right??

  5. Totally totally brand loyal! I agree--if it's working, why change it?!

  6. I am very brand loyal and a creature of habit. I park in the same spots/rows in grocery stores, malls, etc. I buy the same brands- though that is likely more due to laziness. I mean, I know what size and fit I wear at say, Lilly Pulitzer. I have no doubt that for the most part, what I order will fit. But I always say that my closet is composed of only three brands. I shop at one grocery store. I bank at one location.

    A few years ago I began couponing and I did get better at trying new brands. And for the most part, that's actually worked out. But trying a new brand of detergent was sort of huge for me. Ha.