Monday, July 1, 2013

Get Things Done Weekend

When I arrived home from work on Friday afternoon, Kevin had made us bruscetta, gotten some peronis and poured me a glass of wine.  It was cute.  We decided to enjoy an at home happy hour then had Tony pick us up around 8pm and we headed to dinner at Villa Antonio.  It was so good!  We then went to the wine place across the way.

PS - Kevin looks shorter than me in this picture and that cracks me up.  I had high wedges on and he is slumping.  Ha!

Saturday I ran around the house and got things done.  We decided to save on the cleaning ladies this month and we cleaned instead.  So we did that and I organized cabinets that had never been right since we moved in.  We were in such a rush to move that we just put stuff places so this was my weekend to organize!

Saturday evening we went to my buddy from work's wife's 30th birthday party at their home.  It was fun to see some work people.  We went to Taco Mac afterwards for a late dinner.  I don't think I need to go back there for awhile.  Uck bar food.  Nice place for an after work beverage with co-workers but not for dinner.  

Yesterday I got up and walked Mills and did some more organizing, cleaning, grocery store trip etc.  We went to look at some furniture at a house we found on craigslist.  Beautiful antiques.  I hope to have some good news on that soon.  We went to dinner with Kevin's parents afterwards and they came back to our house to see what we had done.  Fun evening.

Here's to the start of a short work week and a fun July 4th coming up!


  1. I don't care for TAco Mac either. Loud and gross.

  2. You always have such fun weekends! Can I come raid your closet sometime?! I love that top!

  3. That's a full weekend! Enjoy a short week. :)

  4. I don't really like Taco Mac either! I've been there twice and each time was disappointed. I'm so glad you were able to get a lot done this weekend - I love being productive!