Friday, October 29, 2021

Gift Guide for Ages 8-14

This guide is for the pre-teen and early teen years! AKA my nieces!

1. This is the cutest ice cream truck when you see it in person! 

2. This bow and arrow set is a huge hit!

3. My niece asked for this last year because she was very into crafting!

4. Legos are soooo good for their brains. This horseback riding center is adorable.

5. Girls that age love making friendship bracelets! Do you remember doing that when you were that age? I do. 

6. The starlight projector is such a great gift! Molly Anne loves hers!

7. Okay getting to the little bit older crowd. This lulu case would be great for a teen who is able to go shopping with her friends or out and about for a little bit.

8. And they all want a hydroflask!

9. Get a teen a shirt with their favorite sport at the college they root for! 

10. Can’t go wrong with this shirt. Evidently it’s what all of the middle/high schoolers wear to school. 

And when in doubt, get them a Starbucks or Target gift card! :)

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