Friday, October 22, 2021

Five on Friday - Porch, Grady, Fall Festival

Our porch at night! It had just rained so the bottom stairs are wet ha. Trader Joe’s pumpkins, a couple from our pumpkin patch trip and a gal in Charlotte that’s incredibly talented painted the blue and white pumpkins!

Evidently both of my children require a reward chart at age 3.5 almost to the day. And they are highly motivated by it. I have them make their own on a piece of construction paper. It helps them learn how to draw a circle and we also discuss the numbers they put in each circle. I swear this is how Molly Anne learned how to write numbers. Yep, she had A TON of reward charts!! ;) They pick the reward and for this Grady chose a cupcake from a place he’s spotted for many weeks now! SAS Cupcakes! The reward is not always food, sometimes it’s an experience or a small toy! He wants a dump truck for the next one ha. Molly Anne always wanted a small my little pony. Anyway! Grady earned his cupcake this week!!  Oh one other thing - I “give” stickers and I “taketh” away!!

I got the bring these three and little brother home from dance on Tuesday. They happened to all be wearing the same thing!

Still trying to figure out why Grady is constantly cruddy. On today’s agenda via a pediatrician visit, Grady had a chest x-ray to make sure nothing was getting missed on the inside. Whether that be pneumonia or something he was born with. Thankfully, all clear. Next up is likely another allergy test. We will see. For now - Zyrtec, Flonase and Prevacid. He was such a good boy getting his picture taken! That’s what I told him it did then we showed him the X-rays! 

Molly Anne’s school hosted a fall festival last night and it was so wonderful! We got to see so many friends there!

Getting candy from the principal! He’s so awesome. 

A little Uma and digger hug! 

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!! Next week is gift guide central. It won’t be anything fancy with a zillion things per guide but it’ll be 4-6 items that I love for that particular group! Hope it’s helpful!


  1. Totally random but has he been to an ENT to have his tonsils looked at. My youngest was sick like Grady and after her large tonsils were removed, she didn’t get sick nearly as much, it may not be his issue but a thought.

    1. Great idea and thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes he’s been to the ENT and his tonsils are normal. Love to gather more ideas to look into so thanks so much!!