Monday, October 4, 2021


Oh boy it was a very low key Friday night because we were sooo tired from The Rolling Stones concert the night before and from the week. Molly Anne actually woke up with a sore throat so I ran her to the doctor and it ended up being nothing thankfully. She was fine Saturday morning. But she missed her first day of school ever! Bummer!!

Walking mills and scooting around the hood on Friday evening after dinner!

When we came back we had been Boo’d by our neighborhood friends Margot and Emme!

They were both thrilled!

He was excited about his keychain. I mean seriously how cute is this boy?! I can’t ever let him grow up! Kevin and I were talking the other day about how we want to bottle up his little three year old voice. It’s so cute. 

Saturday morning Kevin went to do some errands. I took the kids over to the elementary school with bikes and scooters loaded up. We rode around a path “through the woods” as Grady said, around the bus lot then played on the playground. It was fun!

Grady napped, Molly Anne cleaned up the playroom. Popcorn for an afternoon snack. They love it. Molly Anne popped it in the microwave all by herself!

Every day is perfect for Mills!

Saturday night we had some neighborhood friends over and had a fire out on the back porch. Kind of spur of the moment. Ordered pizza, no expectations. Easy! You know we shot beer cans with the Red Ryder after the kids were in bed!

Sunday I made a couple appetizers and then we went over to one my sorority sisters home. She and her husband had us and another family over for a feast! It was delicious! And it was sooo good to sit on their wonderful porch and catch up! She’s the friend that is always SO good about getting friends together and staying in touch. Know what I mean?! Thankful for Courtney’s friendship. 

The kiddos! Lauren, Savannah, Molly Anne, Grady and Scarlett! :)

Grady fell asleep on the way home so I dropped Molly Anne and Kevin off and I drove around some more so he could sleep. We ended up in our next door neighbors driveway for awhile. Always good times. 

Kids in bed by 6:30pm. 6:06am comes early! Chat soon! 

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend!! My kids love popcorn as a snack too - it is always a BIG deal!!

    Have a great week!