Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Gift Guide for Kids Ages 3-7

A lot of these are interchangeable for boy and girl so I just decided to put all twelve ideas in one big blog post. 

1. Molly Anne has this same sleeping bag and loves it and it's been on my list to get Grady for a couple of years. I finally ordered it this past week. I can already see them having a sleepover like the brother sister in the below picture!!

2. Grady saw this kinetic sand sandisfactory set on a commercial and Grady was like ohhh Molly Anne would like that. He's so right. You can cut through it and make rainbows and all sorts of cool things. They both love kinetic sand.

3.Molly Anne will think this Barbie is extra cool. 

4. Take apart construction equipment, good for those fine motor skills. 

5. Grady told me he wants to play tennis so here we go! There's a chart on the website that tells you what size to buy for your child.

6. Cash register - get them learning it early! Molly Anne will love this now, Grady will play with it later.

7. Kiwi Crates. Always wanted to get these for my little science lover but they have a variety of options if your child isn't into the science.

8. This is a jumbo floor puzzle and Grady will have fun with the fish.

9. Monster Jam wash - he saw this on a commercial too and was like whatttt! He loves a car wash.

10. Polly Pocket Spin 'N Surprise. I recently got this for Molly Anne to give a friend at a birthday party and she saw it and was like that's going on my Christmas list. Little did she know, I had already gotten it for her!

11. Oh yes, oh yes. The Ultimate Garage for Grady although Molly Anne will definitely play with this with him.

12. These beach surfer dudes are super cool if you haven't seen them. You throw them into the waves at the beach and they surf back to you every time.

I will also likely get them each a LEGO set because I think those are sooo good for their little minds. MA is a lego pro. Grady is starting to get into them.

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