Monday, October 18, 2021


We had a super fun weekend with a special event each day! Kinda just worked out that way. 

First up was Molly Anne getting to cheer with the cheerleaders at the high school football game on Friday night. More to come on that! It was SO CUTE.

Saturday morning when you find your child giggling on the couch and every light in the house on at 6:45am!

Kevin took both kids to his parents on Saturday morning and I got SO MUCH DONE! It was honestly a dream. I did all sorts of clean up stuff around the house, put our big spider decoration out on the front porch and organized some toys. When I randomly went up to our gym to do a 20 minute hip hop ride, I saw my next door neighbor Hilary was on there so I joined her on the ride she had started! It was a good surprise!

After the kids ate lunch we had to walk a letter down to a neighbor so I randomly gave them each a baggie and called it a nature walk haha. They picked up little leaves or acorns or whatever struck their fancy along the way. They loved it!

Saturday evening Kevin and I went to my friend Kelly's house for a porch party. It was a beautiful night and an amazing party. She had a guy playing music and one of the best cocktail bartenders in Charlotte behind the bar. It was a blast. I wore this shirt that I posted about last Thursday with these jean shorts (40% off) I've posted about before. 


On Sunday we went to Wise Acres to visit the pumpkin patch. When I booked our reservation back in early September, I had no idea I'd pick our first true fall weather day. It was 68 degrees and sunny! More to come on this too. Didn't want to bombard this post with a zillion more pictures!

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