Tuesday, October 5, 2021


I was at the mall the other day grabbing lunch and I ran through Nordstrom to get some waterproof mascara. No one was at the Bobbi Brown counter (my usual go to) so the Chanel lady helped me and she couldn’t have been more helpful! Also, Bobbi Brown isn’t making waterproof mascara right now they said. 

Anyway I ended up with the brown waterproof mascara. I love getting brown with my skin tone. I also got this eyebrow pencil and she showed me how to use it. I need to change my face. Too many wrinkles and I don’t know how to do makeup very well. I could stand to learn and spend some extra time each day on it!

Speaking of makeup, I cleaned my brushes the other night. It always feels so productive. Baby soap and hot water. Never takes me long but always dread doing it for some reason. They were dry in the morning. 

As you can see I have a variety of brushes. Bobbi Brown, Sephora and Elf. Ha. Yep that’s all I have.


  1. Do you follow Sarah James @whoorl on IG? She posts about "clean" skin care and beauty and I won't lie: a lot of that stuff isn't cheap. But she's in her mid40s and looks great and has a "less is more" approach so I've been slowly overhauling my makeup drawer although I own considerably less stuff than she does!

    If that's not quite your jam or feels like too much, I have similar coloring and cannot recommend Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen enough for everyday - great under makeup since it can be used as a primer, or alone. I've converted 4 friends. Not #sponcon I just feel like good skin care means you don't need to fret about makeup so much. Eyebrows, mascara, a little blush, and some lip color wake up our alabaster complexions ;)

    1. Thanks for the rec, I’ll look her up!
      And for the supergoop rec - didn’t know they made that!! Thank you!!

  2. You're so welcome! She has fun reels wear she shows off how to use stuff you have to make it double-duty (like bronzer as eyeshadow) so I can justify buying bronzer ha!

    I apply the supergoop after my moisturizer and it feels so nice and wears well alone or under makeup. We gotta protect our fair skin...but also I want to look good haha!