Friday, October 8, 2021

Five on Friday

What a week. I feel like I say that every week.  

1. These two have been a bright spot. They’re besties beyond. 

2. Mills had surgery yesterday. My sorority sister did it again this time. More benign cysts had to be taken. This poor puppy. He’s doing very well though. 

3. Making this for the kids this weekend! Thank you Lauren for the idea!

4. I love getting pictures from Molly Anne’s teacher! 

5. Grady loves soccer so much! He was giggling with Coach Danny!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Pumpkin beer tasting and chili cook-off this weekend. I’ll report back in next week! 

1 comment:

  1. It was a week! I am just catching up on some blog reading during lunch and had to laugh that it is almost Friday again - I've been playing catch up since Monday it feels like! Adding the Halloween mix to my list for the kids!