Monday, October 11, 2021

Chili Cookoff and Pumpkin Beer Tasting

We picked Molly Anne and Grady up from school a bit early and headed to the beach on Friday afternoon. It was a race to get out of there and to the beach in time for a normal dinner versus Bojangles on the road ha. Plus carefully planned so Grady could nap in the car. 1:30pm is the latest we can leave for all of that to magically happen. 1pm is more ideal and that's what we did on Friday.

Mills loves to sit right in front of Molly Anne and look out the window. She will pet his ears softly every now and then. He loves her. He had surgery the day before but he was honestly fine. He's had so many of these surgeries I knew he'd be okay the next day.

We arrived!

We met up with our next door neighbors (in CLT) at Maria's for dinner! It was so good and fun to go out!

Took the kids to get ice cream next door at Spilt Milk. The girls loved the unicorn ice cream. Grady had chocolate and vanilla. We stopped by our other friends after dinner and hung out. Kevin took Grady home around 7:15 because he asked to go to bed. I stayed with Molly Anne and Drew took us home. 

Gloomy morning at the beach = bloody mary. This was after I made our chili for our chili cookoff that night!

Then Drew and I took the kids to the arcade while Kevin worked and Hilary cooked! We may have had tall miller lites at 10am. 

Then everyone came back to our house to hang for a few hours. Kids loved their snack!

After everyone left I took Mills out and this boy splashed in puddles for awhile. He LOVED it. 

We went over to Hilary and Drew's for our chili cookoff which I have no pictures of and our pumpkin beer tasting. Foothills Pumpkin came in first. Pumking a close second! Hilary and Drew won the chili cookoff with a chicken, corn, black bean based chili. We got second with a traditional chili and we're sorry to Steve and Ariel but they got last place. HA! We are all a mess!

Sunday morning on the porch in Christmas pajamas!

Kevin took the kids out and about while I got the house put back together. Lots of laundry and cleaning! It isn't all glamorous I promise. If we have people come stay at the house, it usually takes me another trip to clean up from the weekend prior. Lots of sheets, comforters, towels and our dryer only goes so fast. 

They love going to Beach Life!

We cruised home then got another Boo surprise from Sarah and her girls! So fun and the kids LOVE it. Maybe I should get my life together and do these for friends like I used to do. This is one of these things that I stopped doing because I can only do so much. And honestly I'm very overloaded with life right now. So I'll just say thank you to my dear friends that gave my kids one and say I'll try to be better next year! EEKS. 

Hope everyone has a nice week!