Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Pumpkin Patch

On Sunday we had our reservation booked for Wise Acres. It happened to be a beautiful day. They are doing reservations to limit the number of people this year. It wasn't crowded at all!

The kids were thrilled to finally be going to the pumpkin patch!

The tractor ride was the first big event and you know Grady was super stoked about it! Wearing another new find that I love. This shirt washes and dries so easily. It's girly for a plaid shirt which I really like. The material is thinner and not too hot. Molly Anne's dress is here.

They loved the apple cider slushies!

And the barrel ride of course!

We did both mazes. Molly Anne did the second one all by herself - she lead us through the whole thing.

My cutie little pumpkins!

The lady that took this picture said, "ok everyone yell yay!" And this is what the result was. Ha!

Pulling our two pumpkins!

It was a super fun couple of hours!

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