Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Cheering At The Football Game

The local high school does a little thing each year where they invite girls from the three cluster schools that feed into the high school to join them for a Friday night game of cheering on the football players. They practice on the Tuesday before for a couple of hours, meet their "buddy" and get a t-shirt!

Molly Anne and Greer both had Ava who happened to be one of the lifeguards at the neighborhood pool this summer!

They got to participate in the Maverick walk where they all walk into the stadium together. It was so cute.

Grady was pretty stoked to get to stay up super late and watch football and his sister cheer.

At one point he grabbed Kevin's and my neck and said, "I love my parents!" 

After the girls finished cheering, we stayed for awhile to let them watch the big girls cheer and hang out. They loved it!

A huge thank you to Ava for taking such good care of Molly Anne. She LOVED getting to do this!

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  1. My daughter did that when she was little and now she’s a high school cheerleader.

    It’s such a fun event for the little ones. 💗