Sunday, October 24, 2021


We were back and forth what we were going to do this weekend, whether we were going to the beach or staying home. Ultimately we decided we should stay home and chill. 

Friday night we went to Improper Pig for dinner with some friends. It was a gorgeous night to sit on the patio and let the kids run wild! Rea Farms does a movie night some Friday nights so they got to watch part of Addams Family too!

Saturday morning we participated in the neighborhood yard sale. We made about $200 and most importantly cleaned out our playroom and third floor! I caught this moment of these two playing and chatting. They come up with cute games to play to entertain themselves. 

Look at all of the cars. It’s a wild event!

Boys dig. 

Molly Anne got to attend Sadie’s birthday party at Hunter Farm! She had a blast is what she told me when she got in the car! I ran to goodwill to donate what was leftover from the yard sale while she was there. 

A surprise Halloween box from Aunt Emily, Uncle Clay and their girls!

We fed the kids early, did s’mores and ordered door dash Mexican for us! 

I ran down to a friends house to hang for about a half hour then came home and hit the bed early. Good to get a decent night of sleep! 

Sunday I played tennis at a clinic midday. Kevin took care of the kiddos. That was big treat to do that on the weekend. I never do stuff like that on a Saturday or Sunday!

We ended the weekend with a fire then grilling out at our neighbors. Easy and fun. No school tomorrow for Molly Anne so it was exciting to get to stay up a little later than normal! 

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