Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday Finds

1. I have one pair of cool mom sneakers but now that I've had them for a year and wear them constantly all Fall, Winter and early Spring, I feel like I need another pair. Let's be honest, I don't NEED them but they are so fun. These high tops I love and they're not as high as they look in the picture when you see them in person. 

2. And these new ones...obsessed.  I like how they're neutral and not completely rememberable. Check out the bottom and the close up of the materials on the shoe. Love.

3. Okay onto more normal things...I have been majorly crushing on these deep green faux suede leggings. Especially with a light flowy shirt…

4. Like this one

5. And finally, if you need a black pair of jeans, I love these! They're a bestseller for a reason and 30% off. They’re good to throw on to dress up regular boring ole jeans! 

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