Friday, October 15, 2021

Five on Friday

Grady had his swallow test on Tuesday morning at the children's hospital in town and he passed! Doctor really thinks his constant crud and drooling may be something as simple as reflux. So now he is on Prevacid again like he was as a baby. Doc says it takes 6-8 weeks to fully work. We shall see. 

This dog won’t be farther than a few feet from me whenever I’m home. He follows me everywhere and I love it. He’s recovering nicely from his cyst removal surgery that my sorority sister did on him. 

These popped up on my Instagram this week and they’re so cute. I hate when Instagram does that to me!

Got my booster shot on Wednesday. I asked my doctor and she said to go get it. Don’t shoot the messenger! They send you to the nearest place in town and mine happened to be at my children’s pediatrician office. Molly Anne got a kick out of my bandaid! Still haven’t grown an extra arm from getting the vaccine!! 

Molly Anne is studying coins in school and they didn’t have any half dollar or dollar coins to look at so I ran to the bank one day this week and got some for her to take in. My coworker saw some chocolate coins at HomeGoods and got them for me to send in too. How sweet was that?! Thank you Margaret! The children loved it all and Molly Anne got to present it all to her class. Adorable. 

Keeping it short today! Going to play tennis during lunch. My favorite hour of the week! ;) Happy weekend!


  1. The band-aid is hilarious!! Glad to hear Grady passed his swallow test!! I'm sure you've seen, but Sundays with Love is coming back on the Pelo - I can't wait!!