Monday, November 1, 2021

First Trip to Carowinds for Grady

Whew it was a busy weekend and I’m barely alive today. And traveling. Good times. 

Friday after school. They were doing pretend working in their office like Kevin was across the foyer. Mills is always watching. 

Mr. Drew brought home his work monster truck! Grady loves when he does!

We had jack o lantern pizzas and hung over there for the evening! Stayed up wayyyy too late. 

Saturday morning I took the kids to Carowinds. I bought a Gold pass in February 2020 with Molly Anne’s pre K free pass and obviously hadn’t been able to use them. They allowed them to be used in 2021. And then Grady became eligible for a pre K pass this year so I scored! It was fun getting to use them and Grady had the best time on his first trip there!

And our friends met us there too! Double the fun!

These girls rode the roller coaster by themselves eeeeek and Grady went with Mr. Drew and had his hands in the air the whole time. They get that from Kevin! I do not like rollercoasters but both of my kids do!

4 blonde kiddos in a jeep!

Also….his first icee!

We went home and Grady napped while Molly Anne went to a friends party in the neighborhood. Isn’t this spa set up that my friend Jen did amazing?!!


Hilary and I decided that while the girls were there that we’d drink mimosas with apple cider. Like we needed them after the night before ha!

The whole crew reconvened at our house for sushi and more fun. 

Sunday morning we carved pumpkins. When I say “we” I mean me. Although it looks like Grady helped it wasn’t so much. Molly Anne got frustrated drawing her design. Good times. I don’t even have a picture of her working on it. Oh well. There’s always next year. 

Sunday afternoon we had the neighborhood party and trick or treating. More on that later! This was a lot for today! 

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